Man orders what he thought was a $37.50 bottle of wine — then the check arrived

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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — A New Jersey man who thought he ordered a $37.50 bottle of wine was in for a big shock when he got the bill. reported that Joe Lentini was attending a business dinner at Bobby Flay Steak at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa when he was asked by the host to pick a bottle of wine for the table.

Lentini said he asked for the waitress to make a recommendation. She reportedly suggested a bottle of wine and told Lentini the cost was “thirty-seven fifty.”

When dinner was over, the check was handed to the host with a total of $4,700.61. The bottle of wine was included at a cost of $3,750.

Management told Lentini the best they could do was reduce the price to $2,200.

Lentini and two other diners split the bill.


  • Dan

    From the original story that I read, this guy didn’t even notice the price until after he had left the restaurant and received his credit card bill. Maybe he should have checked the price before he signed the bill and left.

  • Matt

    Well, if their bill was $4700 and $3750 of it was spent on wine, then his food cost was $950. Why would you even expect wine to cost $37.50 when your food costs $950?

    • Jessica LeAnn

      Because this was a business dinner and it was likely several people dining. The article reads, “Lentini (the guy who ordered the wine) and two other diners split the bill.” So there were at least 3 people dining. $950 split between at least 3 people (probably more) is more reasonable at an upscale restaurant like Bobby Flay’s.

      • Jade

        I side with the diner. Even though the restaurant was on the pricier side, no reason to expect the wine would be 10 times your total bill alone…

    • Mark Cumber

      Yup, I wouldn’t be there. I think I’d rather spend that on improving my home. Because unlike the bonehead in this article, I have more sense than money.

    • Ray

      Oh yeah KB, I am sure you order $3750.00 bottles of wine all the time. Lots of people in the US do that all the time..

  • Crystal Marie

    I just looked at the menu available online . Other than some lobster & kobe ($135/$80) options everything else on the menu is about $40 and under plus sides. I wouldn’t have guessed a bottle of wine would be $37.50 but definitely not $3750 . That server should have been more clear . I have been to Michael Jordan’s steakhouse , The strip in Vegas and Ruth’s Chris . All of their pricing is similar to the Bobby Flay menu . I don’t think the manager did right by this customer !!

  • Jeanne

    Who in the world would even think a bottle of wine, even in a fine dining restaurant, would be almost four thousand dollars! No one, it’s a preposterous price. I blame the waitress and the restaurant, I’m sure have thought she was so clever selling a bottle of wine that costly..even if she used deceit. The customer should pay what he thought he was being charged, $37.50.

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