Jackson County Commission working to re-open County Road 96

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) --  The Jackson County Commission is working to form a plan to get a county road fixed, and back open as soon as possible.

A portion of County Road 96 is shut down and has been for weeks. The State asked the County to do so, saying the bridge there is not in a good condition.

Since then traffic has been using a detour, and County officials say they're going to have to use that detour for a while longer.

The County has been waiting on estimates on how much money it will take to fix that part of County Road 96. Depending on that price tag, not fixing the road at all would have been an option.

Commissioners say they hoped that would not be the case. Commission Chair Matthew Hodges says now, the Commission has a workable figure "It could be anywhere from 120,000 dollars to 320,000 dollars depending on the route we want to take."

Hodges says because of the TVA coal plant near the road the Commission is looking at a potential partnership to fix it. "Probably have to use some capital improvement funds for the time being," Hodges says, "We'd like to work with TVA to see if there's anything additional that can be done there because we know TVA may have to use that bridge as well."

The Commission is working to set a time frame to open the road again, but depending on how they plan to repair it will determine how long that will be.