Couple fails to show up for trial related to young daughter’s death

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - A couple failed to appear in court Thursday for their trial for criminally negligent homicide, in the 2012 death of their daughter.

Kristopher and Joy Lynn Speigner were scheduled to appear for a bench trial in Judge Schuyler Richardson's courtroom, but the two didn't show up.

Joy Speigner's bond has now been revoked, because she has some new charges against her in south Alabama, where the couple now lives.

The couple's daughter, 18-month-old McKenzie, died after swallowing a dishwasher gel pack in an apartment on Colonial Lake Drive in Madison.  Police say the parents were too intoxicated to do anything to help her.

Criminally negligent homicide is a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison.


  • Jones

    Let them be on the loose. The guilt of their daughter’s death will eventually swallow them alive. Please don’t waste tax payer’s money on this. I know of a prison in Lousiana that has no walls. Reason? Most inmates that dare escape, are eventually devoured by them critters.

    • Willie

      You child are, at best, ignorant. “Intoxicated” with a small. unsupervised child whom died, and you want them free?? Guilt? Trash like that don’t do the guilt thing. That kind of garbage feel picked on because everyone isn’t feeling sorry for what THEY have been through. Please. spend my tax dollars hunting this waste down. Maybe. with any luck, they will resist arrest. Now THAT would be a wonderful way to save our tax dollars.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Find them, and force them to swallow a gel pack..then have a beer while they’re busy choking… Human garbage

  • jamie connolly

    Makes me sick to think of all of these “parents” out there that don’t give a S#@@ about their own children!!! They should have to face worse than what they put their kids through!!

  • Jeanette

    Willie, I went to click comments under your post and it reported your message somehow. I am truly sorry for that! I agree with everything you said, so I don’t know why when I clicked comment it said it reported you. Again, I truly apologize! These two people that allowed this poor baby to die, will hopefully get more time in prison, now that they are fugitives!! No parent should take be intoxicated when their child should be to priority!!! They are sick, sick, sick and I do not see them recovering anytime soon!!! RIP Lil one!!!

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