Overturned gasoline tanker blocks traffic on Hwy 431 near Gilbert Baugh Ford

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. - An 18 wheeler tanker carrying gasoline overturned on Hwy 431 in front of Gilbert Baugh Ford Wednesday.

The accident happened around 4 p.m. The Marshall County EMA reports the driver was trapped inside the truck for over an hour and gas is leaking from the tank. The driver was rescued from the truck and transported to Marshall Medical Centers South where he is listed in stable condition.

Hwy 431 is closed between George Wallace drive and Arbor Acres Rd until further notice. Motorists should use Hwy 205 as an alternate route and stay clear of the area.

The Marshall County EMA says all businesses within one mile of the wreck should shelter in place until the scene is cleared.

According to Albertville Police preliminary reports suggest the unidentified driver of the tanker truck put the truck in the ditch to avoid hitting cars that stopped on the highway. Police on the scene say the driver's quick thinking "probably saved lots of lives."

The fuel is being cleaned up by a hazmat team brought in from Chattanooga.

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  • Austin Queen

    I was there before the police arrived and tried to free the driver. I had to bust the windshield open because the door was jammed shut. I was able to crawl thru the windshield after busting it open and i was able to release his seatbelt but his leg was stuck and i couldnt free it. I did all i could an finally the fire dept. arrived and took over. I have a couple cuts from the glass, nothing major. i did have to see the medics tho cause while i was doing all of this i wasnt thinking about breathing or anything. Once the fire dept. got there and took over i realized i was hyper ventalating and i couldnt stop shaking so i had to sit down an wait on medics to clear me to leave. hope this info was helpful guys!

    • Octavia Wilson [daughter of driver]

      I thank you so much for this! This was my dad you tried helping with, and we are now in the hospital. He has been doing it for 15 years, and was driving another day at work. In the highway, there were three cars dead stopped in the high way, and a school bus full of kids. He took his own life in hands, to save other and go to the grass around the cars when the truck flipped. Will update more.

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