Keel Mountain Road in Madison County is treacherous

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Keel Mountain Road is how drivers from Gurley access the mountain's many homes and neighborhoods. It's one of the steeper mountain roads in Madison County, too.

For a quick indication of how hard it is to drive, just check out any of the guard rails.  To put it bluntly, they are bent and torn in multiple places. "It's rather treacherous," says Joel Beasley about using this steep and winding two lane.

The problems for Keel Mountain Road are numerous. They range from bumpy patches on the road's surface, to pavement that's cracked and crumbling, to a road edge that's broken, to white striping to mark the edge of the road that has faded almost to invisibility.

"It's just a very difficult road to navigate, and you'd better be paying attention when you're going up and down," says Beasley.

He's one of the hundreds of drivers who use the steep road every day.  He's also one of several drivers who aren't happy with the road. Jeff Gronberg is another.

"I do worry about it. I have a son that's about to start driving, and one of his first experiences is going to be learning to drive up and down this mountain," says Gronberg.

Everyone seems to agree that Keel Mountain Road needs help.  After driving it ourselves, we agree.  WHNT News 19 is Taking Action and discussing the problem and possible fixes for the road with Madison County officials.


  • Bill

    I have lived on Keel Mountain for 13 years now and Keel Mountain Road has been an issue. There are sections that are actually caving in and all the county does is pile more blacktop on top of the road adding more weight to the problem. I have contacted District three office many times to address the problem. The district WON’T do anything until the road caves in and someone gets hurt. If the road becomes impassable because of a road closure it will be a MAJOR detour for the folks on the mountain. It will also cause a major problem for the school buses because they’ll have to use the other two roads off the mountain. These roads are a major safety problem because of the extreme grade that these roads have.
    The district is the problem (Eddie Sisk).

  • Carol

    Eddie Sisk has never returned any of my phone calls. He is too busy in court, a full time lawyer. We need some one who is retired, not one some one who don’t care about us.

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