Huntsville Museum of Art showcases southern artists

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Art tells stories.

Like the wooded landscape shown with this story, with its shadow-snow footsteps and dash of red disappearing behind branches -- from the work "Looking for Red Riding Hood. It's a piece by a Huntsville painter that battled her way into this year's Red Clay Survey.

The Huntsville Museum of Art's Director of Curatorial Affairs Peter Baldaia explains, "It is a competition. It's not an invitational. So people can apply to the show, and this year we received over fifteen-hundred submissions."

Painter Helen Vaughn, the artist behind "Looking for Red Riding Hood", tells us, "This is a competition that I've entered many, many times, because it is the most prestigious exhibition for an artist that lives in this area of the country to be included in."

The show at the Huntsville Museum of Art gives us a slice of contemporary work from the south.

Area artists eagerly vie for it.

Vaughn admits, "A couple of years I haven't made it, and you always think, 'Oh, it's not going to bother me.' It bothers you. Because you really do want to be included."

The show tells the stories of people, people of all kinds, people who live where we live.

Baldaia adds, "Work that's being produced in this geographic region, or another geographic region outside of Los Angeles or New York, is valid, is viable."

Vaughn chimes in, "This survey is a wonderful chance to see contemporary southern art gathered in one place."

The Red Clay Survey runs through October 26.

It features work from eleven southern states.