Colbert County authorities discuss charges in Labor Day stabbing death; new details released

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Sheffield police have one man in custody after a Labor Day stabbing death.

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) – More details are emerging in the Labor Day homicide of a southeast Sheffield man.

Not only do police believe someone tried to set the home on fire, they also believe the person responsible for the death stole a car to flee the scene.

And police add that man is the victim’s son who they believe is responsible for the death.

Tragedy struck the 9th Avenue home of 63-year-old George Morris Jr. on Monday.

Police Chief Greg Ray says after Morris was stabbed numerous times, he was left to die inside a bedroom.

In an attempt to conceal the crime, Ray believes the suspect in the case tried to set a fire.

“It was possible that someone just put some rags in a pot and turned the eye on,” Ray explained. “You wouldn’t intentionally do that, I don’t see a reason why you would intentionally do that unless you were trying to start a fire or cover up something.”

Then Chief Ray said the case took an even more bizarre twist.

Just before 10 a-m, a female pulled up to the house to visit Mr. Morris and the son came running out.

“He ran out of the house, covered in blood, demanding her to, he’s armed with a knife, demanding her to take him somewhere. So that kind of speaks for itself,” stated Ray.

Startled by the suspect running from the home, Ray said the woman did something which may have saved her life.

“Of course she was afraid for her life. She got out and ran, which was certainly a smart thing to do. He took her car,” ray said.

Chief Ray says authorities were called to Hardees in Tuscumbia where the suspect was found passed out with superficial wounds to his arms.

At which point he was taken into custody for questioning.

The Sheffield Police Department continues to discuss possible charges in the stabbing death with the Colbert County District Attorney’s Office.

As of late tuesday afternoon, the suspect remains in the Sheffield City Jail.