City leaders, director remain quiet in Decatur Animal Services battle

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Mayor Don Kyle placed Decatur Animal Services Director Carol Wicks on paid administrative leave nearly two weeks ago.

Tensions between the two have been running high for the last ten months, but the reasoning behind the move is still largely unknown.

Tuesday marked the first city council meeting since the change.

The mayor says the council was notified of the leave, but until he makes a final decision about her future with the shelter, he will not discuss the matter publicly.

"Only thing that has to come before the council is any recommendation of a change in the position."

Wicks and her attorney, John Mays, had a three-hour, closed-door meeting with the mayor last week.

Kyle says that even more needs to be done in order for him to complete his review of her performance.

"It wouldn't be fair to Ms. Wicks to state anything that could be speculated on whatsoever," said the mayor. "That's why we have to get solid answers."

Kyle says he can leave Wicks on paid administrative leave as long as he wants, but he hopes to have some answers soon.

"There's no timeframe established as to how long that could last."

If the mayor does conclude that Wicks should be terminated, it will require a majority vote from the council to approve her firing.

An interim director has been appointed to run the shelter until this controversy is settled.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Decatur City Government is known for their continuing personal entanglements in the politics of keeping their secrets…

  • Heath

    Gomer Kyle is a manipulative, dangerous narcist and is probably the most vindictive bum to ever step foot into the city of Decatur. Bow down to King Kyle or he will ruin you.

    Gomer Kyle, Decatur deserves better.

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