Burglar Steals Weapons from JC’s Gun and Tackle in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Some weapons stolen from JC’s Gun & Tackle Shop early Sunday were found on nearby properties, police report.

Officers responded to a burglary alarm for the business on Jordan Lane and found that someone had forced entry into the store by cutting a hole in the rear wall. Numerous weapons were taken, with several being found nearby on adjacent properties, the report shows.

The incident was reported at 3:47 a.m. The investigation continues.


  • Bob

    @say what , just like an idiot liberal to blame the victim…. the criminals that committed this crime are the type of criminals that need 20 year prison terms. Instead the left wants to keep making tougher gun laws for law abiding citizen which do nothing to prevent gun crimes or the theft of guns.

    • Say What

      Bob, idiot conservatives like you are always being hypocritical. Would you be ok if a nuclear power plant stored waste in such a shoddy manner? If a “criminal” breaks in and gets the nuclear waste, and makes a dirty bomb with it and kills thousands of people — you would be ok with it! Your focus would just be on the “criminal” that broke in and stole the waste. By your logic, you would not “blame the victim” that made it easy for the criminal to get their hands on the nuclear waste. Your logic would not support tougher storage laws on the law abiding nuclear plant that you argue would do nothing to stop criminals and the theft of nuclear waste. We should just allow nuclear plants to store their waste as they want and put the criminals in prison for 20 years after they break in and steal the waste. Rather than be proactive and stop the problem, you would rather just punish a criminal after they have done the damage! I’m sure all the real victims of your logic (the ones killed by the dirty bomb resulting from your lack of laws requiring the safeguarding of dangerous nuclear waste) would not agree with your philosophy! Your mind works in a very funny (yet predictably crazy) way! I doubt that you will understand the analogy that I am making. You would need a higher level of analytic thinking that escapes you.

      • freddies fashion mart

        If you cant answer the question, change the subject !. still waiting on your reply on White House advisor on race relation, The Rev. Al Sharpton,

      • Say What

        Freddy, I already addressed your question when we discovered that you are delusional. I was not sure about Bob’s ability to use analytical thinking, but I already knew that you could not think abstractly enough to understand an analogy.

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