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Rocket Hatch CO.STARTERS program aims to turn local entrepreneurs’ ideas into action

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville has a hidden community of entrepreneurs and start up business leaders who are struggling to figure out where to turn next. Now, another start up, Rocket Hatch, is seeking them out, to bring innovators together and see where their collaboration can take them.

Antonio Montoya is co-founder of Rocket Hatch.

“What we`re trying to solve initially with rocket hatch is to get those people out and connected,” said Montoya.

There first major effort will bring the CO.STARTERS program to Huntsville this September. The nine week intensive program aims to help people turn ideas in to action.

“It`s more of a support group for entrepreneurs who are trying to get their idea activated,” said Montoya. “They`re doing it in a safe environment where they can be open and discuss these things and have a facilitator who understands what the next steps need to be.”

It also helps them determine if there isn’t a client base for the product or service.

“We help people to treat their idea as a hypothesis and test their hypothesis through the program.  They’ll look at different aspects of their idea, talking to customers – actual customers- and finding out if the idea they’re working on has merit,” said Montoya.

Rocket Hatch board member, David Nuttall, will serve as a CO.STARTERS facilitator, helping participants learn what he wishes he had known when he started his own business.

“I was doing it because it was my passion, which is a good thing to have, but I didn’t know who to ask,” said Nuttall. “When I found out who to ask they were in little groups, lots of different circles of people doing different things. Whereas CO.STARTERS and Rocket Hatch is getting its tentacles into all of those and pulling things together.”

Montoya says they hope to launch the program September 15th. Anyone with an idea is welcome to apply here, but the program only has room for 16 participants. The cost is $750, or $650 if you sign up before September 5th.

They participants will meet once a week for nine weeks.