Phil Campbell High School opening delayed at least one week

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PHIL CAMPBELL, Ala. (WHNT) – For three weeks now, high school students in Phil Campbell have been attending class in non-traditional classrooms.

Now, it looks like they will be occupying those classrooms for a little while longer, because their school isn’t quite ready yet.

As the concrete continues to be poured and gravel spread at the new Phil Campbell High School, students are across the street at Phil Campbell Church of God going over their English lesson.

Three Phil Campbell churches opened their doors to the school students so they wouldn’t have to delay the start of school while construction is finished.

Despite the workers’ best efforts, students will not be attending their new school when they return from the Labor Day holiday.

“It’s been a long stretch, but we know it’s coming and in the next week we’re hoping we can move from here to across the street and getting in,” said Gary Odom, principal of Phil Campbell High School.

Odom says he received word on Thursday the school will not be ready for at least another week.

He said workers must finish several small things inside the building and get the parking lot leveled and paved before it can open.

Odom remains grateful to the churches and the community for opening up their doors to students and staff.

“I know they would rather us be in the building and we would rather be there, but they have been so good to us and anything we’ve needed they have got for us and they have just been great,” explained Odom.

A second inspection is planned for late next week to determine if the school is ready to be occupied.

Franklin County School System leaders point out the new Phil Campbell School is still several months ahead of schedule.

This year’s graduating class has never been in a traditional high school setting under one roof.