Featured Job: Automotive Technician / Mechanic

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Job Responsibilities of Automotive Technician:

  • Assisting technician mechanics in performing technical activities.
  • Diagnoses and repairs to specifications – brake and hydraulic, exhaust, primary and/or advanced fuel ignition and electrical, suspension and alignment, air conditioning and computer systems.
  • Adequately explains technical diagnoses and needed repairs to non-mechanical individuals which may include employees and customers on an as-required basis.
  • Continuously learns new technical information and techniques in formal training sessions in order to stay abreast with rapidly changing automotive technology.
  • Keeps store management aware of mechanical repair problems as they occur.
  • Maintains an organized, neat, and safe bay.


Job Requirements

Entry Level Mechanic / Technician

  • Maintains an organized, neat, and safe bay.
  • One to two years of automotive mechanical diagnosis, problem-solving and repair experience to succeed in this position.
  • A high level of motivation and energy and strong customer service skills are also required.

Senior Mechanic / Automotive Technician

  • At least two to three years of strong automotive mechanical diagnosis, problem-solving and repair experience
  • Three ASE certifications are preferred for this position.
  • You’ll also need a high level of motivation, energy, and a customer-focused attitude.

Lead Mechanic / Master Technician

  • Five-plus years of automotive mechanical diagnosis, problem- solving and repair experience as you mentor and teach Teammates while discussing problems with customers
  • You will also need strong leadership skills and a customer-focused attitude to go along with a high level of motivation and energy.
  • Five ASE certifications are preferred.
  • Must have a Valid Driver’s License.
  • Pre-employment drug test/physical/ background check will help assure we build teams of people who can best work with others and serve customer needs.

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