City leaders agree more can be done to reach Huntsville’s homeless community with job openings


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – City council members agree with homeless advocate Rusty Loiselle, more should be done to reach out with job openings to the homeless population.

Loiselle spoke on the issue Thursday evening in front of city council.

“It is hard for these guys to get a job because applications say to put your address, if they don’t have one to put on their they don’t have a way to fill out those applications,” Loiselle said.

City council members John Olshefski and Bill Kling both spoke out in favor of the city doing more to reach out to homeless community to promote the jobs the city has available.

Olshefski is asking city human resources department employees to make sure job applications are given directly to the local orginizations that work on the front lines helping veterans in the future.

Loiselle says he will allow the 120 homeless people he is currently working with to use his personal home address as their own so they can have a place to have mail sent to.


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