City leaders agree more can be done to reach Huntsville’s homeless community with job openings

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – City council members agree with homeless advocate Rusty Loiselle, more should be done to reach out with job openings to the homeless population.

Loiselle spoke on the issue Thursday evening in front of city council.

“It is hard for these guys to get a job because applications say to put your address, if they don’t have one to put on their they don’t have a way to fill out those applications,” Loiselle said.

City council members John Olshefski and Bill Kling both spoke out in favor of the city doing more to reach out to homeless community to promote the jobs the city has available.

Olshefski is asking city human resources department employees to make sure job applications are given directly to the local orginizations that work on the front lines helping veterans in the future.

Loiselle says he will allow the 120 homeless people he is currently working with to use his personal home address as their own so they can have a place to have mail sent to.


  • CountryandCity

    Sir, I respect your views, however, many of the homeless are there because of extensive drug abuse. Some choose not to have jobs and it’s NOT because they don’t have an address. Many want to check out of life and all of it’s stressful circumstances. I pray for them and feed them but this article lacks substance and a true view of reality.

  • Don

    There are, and always have been, job openings on the City website. No, computer….. no problem…. there are computers available for Public use in City Hall. The people, homeless or not, who actually WANT to work.. already have jobs.

    • Lotus

      And just how are the homeless supposed to get downtown to City Hall? Or the library where there are computers to use? Are you going to drive them? If they don’t know how to use a computer, are you going to help them?

  • Lotus

    Referring to the above comments, shame on them. Obviously, they have never been personally touched by, and have never known, anyone who is homeless. I have. And it’s a heartbreaking reality. Not everyone who is homeless is a drug abuser or an alcoholic. A lot of them have only fallen on hard times and need a little help getting back on their feet. The homeless are a forgotten many.

  • Name is on my resume

    I have worked my entire adult life and lost my job of 14 years in 2010. My position was extremely specialized and no one in the surrounding 500 miles offers anything remotely close to what I do. My wife has an excellent position and refuses to move. I am above the dreaded 50 age bracket and have been unemployed for to long so am not even considered for positions I have applied for and brother let me tell you I have applied for everything from janitor to management positions. My spouse is on her last leg and I am one volatile argument from being homeless myself. I can tell you that I want to work, even if I am tossed out on my ear by a less than understanding wife !!! I have been employed for 33 of the last 37 working years !!! I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs !!! I am in decent health and with my wife’s employment, I will not need full time or benefits !!! I am a disabled Navy vet with no limiting effects of his disability !!! I am a perfect candidate for employment but have not been given half a chance since getting down sized. So good luck finding employers that are willing to hire homeless when many unemployed are being ignored despite being perfectly able and willing to work. I wish them all the best and hope they find what they are looking for.

  • Nuclear Mike

    The State of Alabama will not provide the proper mental health care for many of the afflicted among the “homeless” that roam our Downtown streets at all hours. Having personally made “welfare calls” to HPD several times for was observed to be a very ill homeless person in Big Springs Park and seeing that person reappear the next week tells me that the State of Alabama will not provide for those who cannot possibly hold any employment due to their mental illness.

    Are We the Keepers of our Brothers & Sisters or just choosing to ignore what could be done for those ill in our Society???

  • campbell

    The ‘homeless’ ? People, there is nothing more aggravating intellectually and emotionally than hearing or listening to people who speak about things they have no clue about. Its really annoying. I can go on a rant about this issue but to make it easier for everybody to understand what homelessness is all about, you need to speak to the ‘homeless’ people themselves. Its very easy and convinient for someone with a house or an apartment with a JOB to speak ill of those without one. I’ll close this one out for you this way…99% of all working Americans are one pay check away from being homeless.Now, you talking heads, just keep working and make sure you don’t lose your job. when that happenes and you still paying your mortgage, or living in an apartment, remember, i campbell, warned you. sometimes its just best to HELP those that are hit, because, what goes around comes around….Them homeless folk might just save your behind.

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