California deputy using car computer who struck, killed cyclist will not be charged

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A Sheriff’s Department deputy who fatally struck a cyclist in Calabasas, California will not face criminal charges in the death because his actions cannot be proved negligent, according to a Los Angeles County prosecutor’s report.

The collision happened on Dec. 8, 2013 and killed prominent entertainment attorney Milton Olin.  His death generated widespread attention among cyclists and prompted a civil lawsuit from his family, reports.

Olin, a Woodland Hills lawyer, was a former executive at music-sharing service Napster with an extensive career in the music industry.  He was riding in a bike lane on Mulholland Highway when he was struck. A frequent bicyclist, Olin was 65.

Deputy Andrew Wood did not brake before hitting Olin, according to court documents. He was texting with his wife prior to the collision and was communicating with another deputy via his in-car work laptop at the time of the crash, according to the prosecutor’s report, which was dated Wednesday.

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  • Jorge Earnest

    Gotta love the double standard. If you kiIIed someone while texting I would bet everything I have that you would be charged with a lot more than negligence. Last I checked texting while driving was a ticket-able offense and if you kiII someone while doing it you are negligent at the minimum. But of course strap on a gun and badge and you are above most laws. This is why many people hate the way our laws are written and the way our justice system chooses to apply them.

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