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Retired Lt. General Kevin Campbell gives expert assessment of U.S. capabilities

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Fighting in Ukraine, fighting in Iraq, problems in Gaza.  There’s plenty of evidence the world isn’t safe, and the U.S. needs to stay on its defensive toes.

Part of that effort is the system designed to protect the U.S. from an enemy attack.

This week on Leadership Perspectives, retired Lt. General Kevin Campbell stopped by our studio to give us an expert assessment of our capability.


  • Bill

    Our military capabilities are being destroyed by this president! What ever happened to military plans being close hold so as NOT to give the enemy any information of our plans? This president stands up on TV and tells the ENEMY what we’re going to do or not do. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! This president is DESTROYING OUR country!!!! We as a nation need to get past our differences and unite as ONE!!!!!! Don’t vote for a president just because their Black, White,Hispanic or Female……………VOTE for the person that will lead this country back to GREATNESS!!!!! It’s time to take OUR country back!!!!!!!!!! Remember what this country was built on. “In GOD WE TRUST” In November get out and vote!! DON’T sit on your rear end and think your vote doesn’t count. I say to folk that want to engage in talking politics “If you don’t vote you have NOTHING to say” just shut up and sit in the corner. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • TruthLivesHere

        Bill is exactly right. Meanwhile, the idiot-in-chief says he has no strategy for ISIS. Of course he doesn’t, if it doesn’t involve a vacation Barry O. is clueless.

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