A Heart Beat Away Clinic offers concierge medicine in Decatur

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - What if you could pay a small monthly fee to be able to visit your medical clinic as often as you wanted - at no additional charge? It's called concierge medicine, and a number of clinics are adopting the practice at a rate most anyone could afford.

"We're here to serve people who need health care and are unable to afford it." Kimberly Samuel is a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, and her new clinic is unique in that it's affordable. Appointments are available but not necessary. And she offers something rather new to the area, concierge medicine.

"It was originally thought of for the wealthier echelon of society and it was very expensive," Samuel says.

But Samuel's plan is $50 a month for an individual, $75 for a couple. Subscribers can visit as often as they need without having to pay for an office visit. She says it's perfect for people with a chronic illness who need to be seen regularly. What's more, her office does not accept health insurance of any kind, and she says that's how she's able to keep costs so low.

"If a person had a high deductible, or had what you referred to as major medical, it would be good for that person so they could get taken care of for colds, flu, shots, things that might occur every day. And they would save the Obamacare for major things that might happen like cancer, accidents, that kind of thing."

Some people say this represents the future of family medicine, available now.

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