4-year-old expelled from preschool over mom’s Facebook post

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CALLAHAN, Fla. – A local mother is mad that her son’s private preschool expelled him because of something she posted on her personal Facebook page.

Ashley Habat said she was upset the private Christian preschool didn’t give enough notice about picture day, so she vented about it on Facebook, according to News4Jax.com.

“Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will’s School? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant.”

Habat tagged the school in the post, and the next day, she got a call asking her to stop by the front office.  The school said her son could no longer attend school there.

The principal at Sonshine Christian Academy said the issue is a private matter involving the school and a parent, and wouldn’t discuss it further.


  • Michaelangelo

    This is a private school. Just like any privately-owned business, they are free to refuse to serve anybody they please.

    • Teresa R.

      If this lady was your friend and every time you two had a disagreement she said hateful things about you on Facebook, how long would you be her friend? A private business has the right to refuse service to any one they don’t want to do business with.

  • Kim

    This parent had the right to vent her frustration on her on FB page. This is called freedom of speech and is a right we have in his country. I can’t believe this is a Christian school and to let such a trivial matter upset the child is really mind boggling!

    • Michaelangelo

      The parent does have the freedom of speech… Freedom of speech means that the government cannot persecute you/prosecute you for what you say. A privately run business (such as a private school) on the other hand, has the freedom to do business as they see fit.

  • Cassie

    This sounds childish of a school to expell a 4 yr old cause his mother. Yes maybe she should not have posted it on FB. As long as she didnt curse the faciulty at that school how can the school expell the little boy? Personally i think the school should be penilized for it.

  • Ashley

    The mother is probably paying for her son to attend the school, and a person is allowed to voice their opinion if they believe the services rendered are not up to par. Plus, the school’s over reaction and immature response leads me to believe there really is something to support her claims.

    • Teresa R.

      Forgiveness has never meant that you have to be somebody’s doormat and you guys are not considering that she may be one of those people that constantly complains about everything and this could have just been her last chance.
      I am sure it was not the child they couldn’t deal with.

  • Kimberly Faith

    The school is a private school. They rely on enrollment and tuition to make their money. I don’t blame them, at all, for protecting their interests. She should enroll her child somewhere else since she is obviously not happy with the school she chose. Why does she want to leave her child in the care of a staff she deems as “ignorant” anyway? She didn’t just post this on her FB wall, she tagged the school. We have freedom of speech, we do not have the freedom to slander.

    • Kayla

      Slander would mean the statement was not true and she may have wanted to pull her child out but couldnt due to the fact she payed in advance for services and would loose the money, and that’s how reviews work if someone does not like a product or business they tell others of there experience . I would think if you have a private school you would want to find out the issues and fix them it is a pre k so only one year or two so you have to rely on word of mouth if you do something messed up expect a mother to call you out on it especially if she is paying for services with your company. At leaste she wasn’t talking crap about the school and then playing like it’s all great she let the school know she was upset with the way they handle buissness plus wouldn’t you be pissed if someone messed up your child’s first school pictures!!

  • Say What

    When the Republicans destroy public education, and all that is left is privatized schools, they will be kicking out “undesirables” (however they decide to define undesirables) left and right — and the parents will have no recourse!! Vote Republican!

  • jenn h

    what ever happen to freedom of speech this is America right . the school really needs to get over them self and grow up . this is not fair for this child . at the end of the day what are we getting from this ?

  • Meghan Smith

    Any true Christian School would not punish a child for something a parent did or does. That should be between the school and the parent. Sounds like to me they where taking it out on the child. And that’s my opinion

  • Dillsmom

    I agree with the school. I understand that the Facebook page is her private page for friends only but the article said she tagged the school in her post. She implied that the educators at the school are ignorant……All because she missed picture day. Not very classy to call people (or an entire school) out on Facebook.

  • brounmk

    It probably broke some kind of agreement she signed that she wouldn’t bash the school on social media. A lot of businesses are doing that now whereby if you work for them or use their products, etc. But, I still think she was right to speak her mind and criticize, and most likely the school was just living up to that criticism.

  • Me

    Instead of venting on FB, she should have asked the principle of there was a make-up day for pictures. Most schools if not all schools have a make-up day. This would have been a better solution. I agree with free speech but venting on FB doesn’t fix the issue or problem.

      • Me

        Regardless of what type business it is, her venting on FB didn’t correct the problem. And if she kept finding reasons why she didn’t like the school, then she should have taken her son out to begin with and put him in another school.

  • Kyle

    I have sympathy for the school. My sister is a teacher and constantly has to deal with parents like this who don’t pay any attention to deadlines or respect the teaching staff. I don’t know if expulsion was the right course of action on the school’s part, but the mom is definitely not innocent.

  • Lois

    She said they were ignorant! The school has every right to tell her to leave, they were just helping her out, certainly she wouldn’t want ignorant people teaching her child!! She deserved it. Now she had the opportunity to find him a school that meets her standards, lol!!

  • Brian

    I feel the school overreacted by punishing a 4 yr old for something his mother said. She had the right to voice her opinion and the child can’t control what his mom said. I think the school was wrong in this case. She pays his tuition to be there, she has the right to speak her mind.

    • Bob

      It’s a PRIVATE SCHOOL. They aren’t regulated by regular school standards. Are you too ignorant to understand this?

  • Bob

    She should have discussed it with the school in private. Instead, she ran her big mouth on Facebook and made disparaging remarks. Guess she will keep her yap shut from now on.

  • SuperTech-IT

    I own a computer and electronics repair service. If everyone seems more than happy with the service I provide at the price I provide it for then all is well. If one person seems to write defamatory comments to their facebook every time they have something done, that’s bad enough. Tagging me in the photo is even worse. Not only would I block them on facebook, I would also refuse them service in the future. If you don’t like my service, you don’t have to use it – but don’t keep using it and griping about everything you perceive as not up to your standards. Yes, you have the right to voice your opinion, but I have the right to protect my reputation from what is in my opinion unfair and potentially damaging comments. My business is my livelihood and allowing someone to continue complaining about what I consider to be the highest level of service possible is counter-intuitive. People need to realize that if they are the only one complaining, that THEY might be the problem themselves, and not the ones they are complaining about. It’s one thing to voice an opinion, but if that opinion takes money out of someone’s pockets, they have the right to do whatever they can to at least prevent future attacks. This woman clearly should have voiced her disappointment to the people that were in control of the situation that she was upset about.
    If you have a problem with my service – tell ME. Griping on your facebook won’t resolve it. It only serves to allow your venting at the expense of my business. If however you come to ME with your problem, something can almost always be worked out that leaves us both happy.
    Next time complain to the people that can do something about it and make it right, rather than taking the food off someone’s table. In a worst case scenario, the school would have to close due to lack of enrolment, and all the other people who absolutely loved the place are now out looking for another place to go which may have lower educational standards, be much farther away, much more costly, or a plethora of other incredible inconveniences now imposed upon hundreds of people simply because she wanted to throw a public hissy fit.

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