Taking Action: WHNT News 19 Weather Where You Live Weather Radio and App Event

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) -- WHNT News 19 is Taking Action to keep you safe when severe weather strikes with our 'Weather Where You Live Weather Radio and App Event.'

Crews set up all day Wednesday in Russellville, Guntersville and Huntsville to help program weather radios.

For some folks, it was their first time to buy this potentially life-saving device.

"I thought I always needed one but I just never had gotten one programmed. So I decided since y'all were close that I would come and get one today," said Carolyn Pennington.

Others learned that they needed a weather radio upgrade.

"We got up here and I found out that I had an old antique and so I had to go and buy me a new one," said Don Sibley.

In total, WHNT News 19 crews and local first responders helped program about 350 weather radios across the Tennessee Valley.

Our meteorologists, along with representatives from Baron Services, also showed people how to download and use the WHNT and Baron SAF-T-Net apps, which come in handy when you are on the go.

"I go to school at Northwest Shoals Community College and I live in Russellville, so when weather's bad I want to know what's going on for my travel in or travel home," said Elizabeth Bell.

Crews also collected more than $3,000 to help local first responders buy weather radios for people in need.  The money was bolstered by donations from State Senator Roger Bedford, State Representative Johnny Mack Morrow and the City of Russellville.

"They'll be able to determine what's coming their way in be able to take the necessary precautions," said Rep. Morrow.

"This is a way for us to give money back to help with them better protect our communities and I'm grateful for their assistance," said Sen. Bedford.

The benefiting organizations for each location are as follows:


Franklin County Fire and Rescue will purchase radios.   All people have to do is go to their local fire department.


Radios will be distributed by Council for Aging and Meals on Wheels. It’s coordinated by the Marshall County EMA.


Radios will be donated to the North Alabama Medical Corp.  They will have information about their services at the Huntsville location.