New opinions, and updates in Jackson Co. Ten Commandments proposal

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- Plans are moving forward to potentially put a monument of the Ten Commandments in front of the Jackson County Courthouse, and a letter from a national organization has sparked even more debate.

The letter is from a nationwide nonprofit called Freedom From Religion Foundation. Commission Chair Matthew Hodges says the letter and the community's various opinions will be taken into consideration by a newly formed committee that the Commission recently voted to instill. "The end goal is to get something that most folks are going to be pleased with, as to where those documents will be located," Hodges says, "I think the push right now is to have those documents funded by private funding, so no public funding goes into it."

Commissioner Tim Guffey's proposal calls for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to be installed along with the Ten Commandments in what Guffey calls a group of historical documents.

Hodges says there are a lot of aspects involved in this proposal and they plan to look at every side. "We're going to try to do this the right way if it's going to be done," Hodges says.

Hodges says they plan to take this slowly and says they want to avoid entangling themselves in a legal battle.
The committee is being formed now and should be able to meet shortly, and bring their findings to the full Commission.


  • TruthLivesHere

    Of course, Freedom From Religion has to get involved. Why are they so concerned over a monument? It’s not like someone would be standing there screaming The Ten Commandments over and over. It would be an inanimate piece of stone. If someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to look at it. Everyday we all see things we don’t find appealing, don’t agree with, find offensive, etc. But most of go on about our business like normal people would.

    • Say What

      Truthy, would you be concerned about a monument erected by Islamic Alabamians wanting to display passages from the Koran in public places? Come on, be honest!

      • Say What

        Fred, we are still waiting for you to address my reply to you in another forum! Are you running back under your bridge like a good troll?

      • feddies fashion mart

        I will be HAPPY to answer your question, but first you will have to answer mine. regarding the new White House adviser ,the Rev. Al Sharpton, demanding my store be burn down, and they did. WHY would Rev. Sharpton , the new White House advise, tell them to burn that JEWS store down ,and they did.

      • Say What

        Fred, that is not a question. That is a delusional rant!! You are still avoiding the real issue — bad troll!!

      • feddies fashion mart

        So your saying Rev. Al, the new White House adviser , was ok in demanding my business ,be burned down?

      • TruthLivesHere

        I wouldn’t care, because as I said in my original post you don’t have to look at it. Don’t try to paint me as one-sided.

  • freddies fashion mart

    Not an advisor, but as MSNBC reported” adviser” I guessing that’s the way some White House people spell it.

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