Florida cloud picture called an act of God

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. – An image in the Florida sky has become an example of faith for many people.

Huffington Post blogger Fiona Finn captured the picture in the skies of Cape Coral just south of Tampa.

Some people are calling it an act of God saying it resembles an angel holding a trumpet.

Others, speaking from a meteorological perspective, say it is a common cloud formation for the area.


  • Alice Bickersbee

    So, instead of feeding hungry children, or rescuing people from abuse, God decided to “be here” by hanging out in a cloud? Well… that’s one hell of a deity you’ve got there.

  • Sabrina

    Amazing! As for all the other comments may you all see the glory of God before you die so you won’t have to spend eternity in darkness and fire.

  • Sandy

    Ppl are so desensitized today! Wonder how long they are going to be in hell before they realize it is not a three D movie with surround sound! Ouch!!

  • Mary Gilliam

    I believe all clouds are the work of God!! This is an awesome one though! I don’t understand how anyone can look at something so awesome and breathtaking, and not believe in God.

  • Branko Pezdi

    This is what WHNT considers significant news. Never mind the fact that the world is falling apart around us, a random cloud that looks like the Sandman in Spiderman 3 and causes some people to go nuts is what is important!

  • jenn

    Well I see two, the big one and the little on the right that looks luke its playing a trumpet! Whatever it isc they do look like what we say it’s angels

  • Joshua

    So one random shape in a cloud is a sign from God… Yet Florida is bombarded by multiple hurricanes yearly and sometimes countless lives are lost…

    Good to know your god has hours priorities in order. Make fluffy cloud figures first, then maybe if I got time later I’ll keep a natural disaster from happening… Or feed the starving children…
    Though choices…

  • Charlene

    I can’t believe everyone’s negotiable comments. The world is over run with horrible things because Satan has control of the Earth. If y’all would pick up the bible and actually read it, maybe y’all woulnt sound so ignorant. SMH! I feel sorry for you guys, truly I do.

  • Kim Branch

    If you look in the sky any day, everyday…. you can see Gods acts of beauty. His amazing art is not limited to clouds. Sunset, starry sky, birth of humans and animals, the ocean, just to name a few. Doesn’t matter what the shape resembles. We do live in a fallen world and there is so many bad things. But, don’t blame God. Blame we humans that cause those bad things. God loves each and every one of us.

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