Oakwood’s Islam expert says ISIS does not represent faith

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It's a name all over headlines and tied to fear and distrust in the Middle East.
Oakwood University has a center for Adventist-Muslim Relations that has publicly condemned the actions they say misrepresents the Islamic faith.

"What we have is a minority trying to hijack the face of Islam," said Keith Burton of the Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations (CAMR-OU).

The U.S. government has authorized surveillance missions over the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria -- or ISIS. Concerns over the radical group have heightened since they broadcasted the beheading of an American journalist.

"ISIS believes that the West has had too much influence in Muslim countries and they want to take these countries back."

Burton says ISIS poses a threat to everyone -- including those of their own faith.

"We look at he work of ISIS, we see they kill many more Muslims than any other religious group."

ISIS' influence continues to grow as they take over more territories. Though they are a threat, are they truly representative of Islamic values?

"As we look at the tactics of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other radical groups, we see them looking for a society that is ruled by fear."

A style he says goes against the forgiving teachings of the Qur'an. Above all, Burton says the actions of ISIS go against what the faith stands for.

"Most Muslims are peace-loving, as a matter of fact, the word Islam or Muslim means peace," said Burton.

Oakwood's Adventist-Muslim Relations Center is an extension of the school's religious studies program.


  • Branko Pezdi

    Islam means submission to God, which by extension applied to the real world means do as we say or we kill you. Islam is a violent, oppressive political system masquerading as a religion. Islam was born in violence, Islam has been at war with ALL of its neighbors and alternate ideologies/religions since its inception, Islam is an expression of the cruel, harsh and unyielding desert environment in which it was spawned. The radical Islamic extremism of the past 50 years, centered on a hatred of Israel, Jews, Christians (and Hindus and Buddhists) and the West, is merely a continuation of its entire history. The deafening silence of “moderate” Muslims to the depredations of modern day Islam betrays the true nature of this ideology.

    • hjd

      BRANKO PEZDI, I agree that Islam is a a violent, oppressive political system masquerading as a religion. Why do the Muslim nations not take action themselves? Why will they not stop the war mongering preachers who preach and teach hate in plain site? Could it be they secretly agree with the goals but not the methods? It sickens me that many good people have died to try and provide freedom for Muslims around the world but everytime we are attacked and innocent people are killed they are dancing in the streets. When will the US government wise up and stop supporting those nations that give lip service to our face and then throw us under the bus when we ask them to step up and deal with fanatics like ISS. When will the American people wake up!

  • free, plus tax

    im not an expert on Islam like the previous two posts but, let’s take a look at some history and see if we can better understand. Mohamad wasnt born until like 652AD? Im not sure but im thinking christianity has had 700 more years to evolve and mellow somewhat? What happened during the cursades? ( i think there were three over3-400yrs?) The spanish inquisition; make the wrong choice and what happened? Some pretty harsh stuff! I don’t know but im guessing (again) that there are good muslim folks. what the world needs to wake up to is that ALL RELIGION only seperates. Christians will deny you passage to THEIR heaven if you don’t accept Jesus as God; even if you are what God made you, gay, no entry for you! That is so f’in confusing! Let’s all look in the mirror and ask that person to be a better human being to themselves and others, ok? problem sloved.

  • Michrael

    Ok, Why we reachin’? Stop playin’. How about our Holy Spirit marginalization situation? What do we say about that? We’re experts in the wrong things. Become an expert at your own faith first.

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