Oakwood’s Islam expert says ISIS does not represent faith


It’s a name all over headlines and tied to fear and distrust in the Middle East.
Oakwood University has a center for Adventist-Muslim Relations that has publicly condemned the actions they say misrepresents the Islamic faith.

“What we have is a minority trying to hijack the face of Islam,” said Keith Burton of the Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations (CAMR-OU).

The U.S. government has authorized surveillance missions over the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — or ISIS. Concerns over the radical group have heightened since they broadcasted the beheading of an American journalist.

“ISIS believes that the West has had too much influence in Muslim countries and they want to take these countries back.”

Burton says ISIS poses a threat to everyone — including those of their own faith.

“We look at he work of ISIS, we see they kill many more Muslims than any other religious group.”

ISIS’¬†influence continues to grow as they take over more territories. Though they are a threat, are they truly representative of Islamic values?

“As we look at the tactics of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other radical groups, we see them looking for a society that is ruled by fear.”

A style he says goes against the forgiving teachings of the Qur’an. Above all, Burton says the actions of ISIS¬†go against what the faith stands for.

“Most Muslims are peace-loving, as a matter of fact, the word Islam or Muslim means peace,” said Burton.

Oakwood’s Adventist-Muslim Relations Center is an extension of the school’s religious studies program.


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