New Culinary Academy at Hazel Green High celebrated with ribbon-cutting

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HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT)-- Tuesday, educators held a ribbon-cutting at Hazel Green High School to announce its new Culinary Academy.

Principal Derrell Long said, "For us to have this is a huge opportunity for our school, and our community."

He told WHNT News 19 that this was a good way for students to get excited about coming to class.

This is one of the first schools in Madison County to have the program integrated into the school itself, instead of in a separate technical education center.

Career and Technical Education Director for the state of Alabama, Philip Cleveland, said, "Having career-technical programs at a local comprehensive high school, where students don't have to be transported, [means] they can work it into their schedule."

The goal is to get students industry-ready by graduation, right on-campus. But not every student wants to be a chef or caterer, so the program also teaches them real-world skills teachers say they'll need in daily life.

Caitlin White is the Culinary Instructor. She said the curriculum will cover all the bases.

"They've started in baked goods," she said, "and then we're going to move into full meals and they're going to prepare everything.  And then we're actually going to do some catering."

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