Beer Boom in Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – The local beer boom makes its way to the Shoals! The owners of the Singing River Brewery in Lauderdale County are hope to bring new attention to the Shoals area.
Co-owner Rob Jones says these last four months have been exciting. He claims the community has responded well to the brewery and it`s time to pay it forward in a unique way.
The company will produce a canned beer which will put the Shoals on the map once again. Jones says the product will first be available all over north Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. The goal is to make the brewery a regional brewery in the next five years.

“Generally, people don`t take bottles to the lake or take bottles to play golf. So we felt like cans for us would more important, but more so than that, because Wise Alloy`s is such an important part to this community, we`re able to get our aluminum source locally. So it`s local beer and a local can,” said Jones.

Jones says a six pack of the canned beer may cost up to $10. It will hit the shelves within the next month.