Kids to Love: Justin

It's football time in Alabama and Justin wants someone he can share his love of the game with!

Justin is in the 6th grade.

"What do you like to study?" Lee asked.

"Math" Justin answered.

Justin loves to play football.  He’s a fast runner and wants to play quarterback.  He pulls for...

"Auburn!" Justin said.

"Do you know why we're here today?" Lee asked.

"To get me adopted soon?" Justin replied.

"Is that something that you would like to happen?" Lee inquired.

Justin nods.

"Tell me why it's important to you," Lee prompted.

"So I can go live in a home," Justin stated.

"What kind of family are you looking for, if you could pick any kind of family?" Lee asked.

"A nice family," Justin answered.

For more information on adoption and foster care click here.


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