Spreading their wings: Country trio Southern Halo is making strides

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- In April we brought you the story of three sisters from Mississippi who are spreading their wings in a big way, and of the local legendary band member who is helping them. Months later the group Southern Halo is achieving another dream in the Tennessee Valley.

Natalia, Christina and Hannah Morris made the trek from Mississippi to Alabama earlier this year to meet a man they've been looking up to their whole lives. Alabama member Jeff Cook offered to mentor the girls, and recorded their first EP at his Fort Payne recording studio.

Seperate, the teens are sisters. Together, they're the group Southern Halo.

That was months ago. Since then, Southern Halo has spread their wings. "We played for Randy Houser, Uncle Kracker, Jamie Lynn Spears. It's been awesome," oldest sister Natalia says.

There's one name missing from that list though, a name these girls say they'd be honored to include.

Every year in Guntersville, Alabama, thousands of people come from all over the state for Jeff Cook Day. The day's namesake takes the stage each year, but before that, budding artists have their chance to shine. "We're so excited," Natalia says.

That's because this year, Southern Halo is making yet another dream come true, by opening for Cook. "Oh my goodness, it's just such an honor to get to say we get to open up for Jeff Cook, and it's so good to see him again," Natalia says.

The sisters can't even vote yet, but they know their dreams. Working with and now opening for the man who has helped them spread their wings is a dream come true.

It's also one step closer to flying.

Southern Halo's album is expected to be released in a few months.