Charter internet outage repaired

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Charter reports its internet service is operating once again after a widespread outage. (Image courtesy of MGN Online.)

STAMFORD, Ct. (WHNT)-  Charter Communications says a widespread internet outage that impacted many parts of the United States has been repaired.  Some customers in the Tennessee Valley also reported having problems with their Charter service.

The company released a statement on its Facebook page.  It reads:

Our teams report services have been restored following an Internet outage that affected multiple markets across our operating area on Saturday, August 23. Our technical teams are monitoring the network closely and continue to investigate the cause of the issue.


  • Nuclear Mike

    One can guess…Russian hackers or very poor system maintenance…either way the entire cable industry appears to be falling down with more & more longer outages, interrupted services, poor digital picture quality, audio volumes all “over the place” and more…

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