Wall Triana Bridge project delayed

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT)- The Wall Triana Bridge in Madison has been under construction for two months.  The newer, safer and wider bridge was set to be finished in late September.

“They wanted to change one of the retaining walls, the design,” explains Madison Mayor Troy Trulock.

The city of Madison received word Wednesday that the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)  wants to alter part of the bridge design.

“They’d previously approved, looked at it, and said we want to change the design,” said Mayor Trulock, “so as a result of that, we are going to have spend a little bit more time on the bridge here.”

“It’s okay as they do a good job on the bridge. We’ve needed this bridge for a long time,” said resident Marsha Farrell, “it was very dangerous, very old so…whatever it takes.”

The new design pushes the completion date from late September to late October, and will prompt conversation between the city and ALDOT about the difference in price.

“The additional change is $140,000 so we’ll have to discuss that,” said Trulock, who says the city has been working in a partnership with ALDOT.

Trulock still takes pictures of the progress everyday to make sure the main artery is open to the public as soon as possible.

The end result will be that we’ll have a much better community for all the infrastructure that we’re working on. So for the meantime, please pardon our progress,” said Trulock.

The project replaces a 79-year old bridge. The new, wider bridge will have a sidewalk to accommodate pedestrians and the higher traffic in the area.


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