UPDATE: Huntsville Police say report of child abduction was misunderstanding

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville Police say a report of a child abduction was a misunderstanding.

“The goofing around that they were doing in the car could be misinterpreted as a child being kidnapped,” said Captain JesHenry Malone with Huntsville Police.

The initial report from police is that a 12-year-old girl was walking home from school on Hawthorne Avenue Thursday.  The girl said she saw two men forcing another young girl into a gold minivan.

Police responded to the scene but could find not evidence of foul play.

“At that point we starting consulting with Huntsville City Schools and calling different entities and parents to see if they had had any reports of missing kids. And we were not able to find any reports of kids who had not returned home,” said Captain Malone.

After the reported abduction made the news later Thursday night, police say a mother called the police to say it was no abduction, just a prank played on her daughter hours earlier.

“She was not letting the kid get in, and then the kid got agitated, started screaming and yelling. And at that point she let the kid in the car. We interviewed that parent, we interviewed that child and we made the conclusion that that was what the girl was witnessing, but it was not a kidnapping,” said Malone.

Police say the mother and daughter drove away and didn’t realize until they got back into town last night that there had been a report of an abduction.

Huntsville City Schools Director of Communications Keith Ward says school official worked with police to help identify a possible missing student.  No missing child was reported to either Huntsville City Schools or Huntsville Police.


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