Scottsboro Wildcats Building on Turnaround

Scottsboro, Ala. - (WHNT) The Football Friday feel good story of 2013 had to be Patrick Nix and his Scottsboro Wildcats. After years of losing seasons, the former Auburn quarterback brought a new attitude that also brought playoff football back to wildcat country. For the first time in years, people in Scottsboro are excited about their chances to succeed.

Coach Nix has been excited about his team since walking in the door, and that's obvious when you ask him about expectations for year two.

"I think are expectations are the same this year as they were last year," Nix one week out from kickoff.  "We expect to be very good and every time we step on the field we expect to win the game. You don't work all year and do all the things we do to go out there and not expect to win. You go out there to win, so I think expectations are high like they were last year and they will continue to be high."

Unlike many teams across the Tennessee Valley, Scottsboro plays a real game on Friday night. Dalton County High School comes to Alabama from Georgia for a 7:00 p.m. start August 22nd.

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