Limestone County Commissioner aims to fix chronic eyesore, litter problem in West Limestone

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Tucked away in a corner of Limestone County is a secluded fishing spot on Sugar Creek.

It serves as a favorite locale for many in the area, including Danny Rose, who lives down the street.

When trash began to litter the land and the water there, Limestone County Commissioner Ben Harrison stepped in.

“It was an eyesore and it was just like, come on, we can do better than this,” said Rose.

The trash came from the intersection of Grigsby Ferry Road and Sugar Way.

Sugar Way is not a county road, so garbage trucks do not collect there.

Residents would bring their trash to Grigsby Ferry, but there it would turn into a mess.

“They had this small garbage can and the wind and the animals would knock them over and it was just strung up and down the road,” Rose.

Harrison set up repurposed garbage cans.

He also posted step-by-step instructions on a nearby sign

“It’s a no-brainer, open up the can, throw the garbage in it and go home,” said Rose.

With the help of the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department, Harrison also had a video camera installed to insure that proper procedures are followed.

Harrison’s simple solution is putting residents in that area at ease.

“You got a lot of people that’s kind of aggravated coming down here. This is modern day and time. You don’t need to see garbage a half a mile up and down, so yeah, he done a great job,” said Rose.

If the trial on Grigsby Ferry Road is successful, Harrison says he will do the same thing at other trouble spots throughout his district, such as the intersection of Townsend Ford Road and Monarch Way.