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Albertville church mission trip postponed due to Ebola concerns

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-  Solitude Baptist Church in Alberville was planning to send a mission team to the African country of Ghana soon.  Those plans are now on hold due to the Ebola epidemic that is spreading through many of the adjoining countries.

"You could see that the airport was even more full," said missionary Tammy Brooks.  "We got there that day even 30 minutes earlier and there was no room to stand.  So even natives of that country were fleeing."

Brooks, who's helping to organize the Solitude mission trip, was in Ghana until just recently.   She came home after the disease seemed to be spreading more rather than being contained.

"When we heard that Samaritan's Purse was pulling out, my husband called me, I was actually there, and he said you need to come home right away."

Brooks and her husband started the Jesse Brooks Foundation.  It's named in memory of their daughter Jesse who died in an automobile accident returning from a mission trip to Montana in 2002.

The foundation, which got off the ground in 2009, is currently carrying for 41 children in Ghana.  A new facility for girls there is now named for Jesse Brooks.

The mission trip to support Jesse's foundation hasn't been canceled, it's just been postponed until March.

Brooks says they will not allow the disease to stop the fulfillment of their daughter's dream.

"We never realized at that moment, at that time, that the Lord would be calling us, as her parents, to fulfill the dream that she had at four to be a missionary to West Africa."

If you would like to learn more about the Jesse Brooks Foundation or to donate to the effort, just visit their website.

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  • Chris Tekpo

    A point of correction, please the truth is that there is no Ebola in Ghana and Ghanaians are not fleeing. we’re safe and sound. Just praying the disease doesn’t spread into Our Beloved Country.

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