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The Hollywood Fire Department is giving back in a different way than usual

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Hollywood, Ala. (WHNT) — A group of Jackson County volunteer firefighters are giving back to the community, but this time it’s in a different manner than their usual day-to-day work.

Inside the Hollywood Fire Department, the equipment shows a glimpse into the hard work the group of volunteers put in each day. Their job is to help the community when they need it most.

Trucks, boots, hats and hoses are things you’d expect to see inside a fire department.
This time though, there’s something unusual.

On the floor beside the enormous wheel of a fire truck is something the firefighters are using to give back, and it’s a color that doesn’t quite fit in with the reds and silvers of the other equipment.

It’s white box, full of pink shirts. Actually, you might call that particular shade of pink ‘breast cancer awareness’ pink.

“The whole department’s participating,” Chief Patrick Allen says.

Chief Allen’s firefighters are working to get rid of the boxes, that are full of hundreds of pink t-shirts.

All of the shirts have a message and all of them are for sale. “We’ve been doing this for about three years now,” Chief Allen says, “We’re trying to make it better and better every year, it’s just a good cause. It goes to the Susan G. Komen foundation.”

Chief Allen says they’re getting a head start on the month that is typically designated for breast cancer awareness. “October is breast cancer awareness month, we got ours in a little early so we’re just trying to get started on them,” Chief Allen says.

Last year they sold hundreds of shirts — nearly a thousand. This year they have a new goal. “Double it,” Chief Allen says.

Their goal is just another way the volunteers are giving back. This time though, they need the community they serve each day to help them out.

In the meantime though, there’s going to be a lot of pink inside the Hollywood Fire Department. “Help it, the best way we can,” Chief Allen says.

The t-shirts are ten dollars a piece, and they can be bought at the Hollywood town hall during business hours. That number is 256-259-4845.