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Police arrest juvenile after armed robbery

Image: MGN Online

Image: MGN Online

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Police in Huntsville have arrested a juvenile in connection with an armed robbery early Sunday morning.

The victim told police the juvenile offender and three other males stopped him and asked for cigarettes.

When the victim told them he didn’t have cigarettes, the juvenile pulled a gun and demanded property from him.

The victim then left the scene and called police.

Four males matching the description were stopped by the officers a short distance  from the scene.

After further investigation, the juvenile offender was arrested.


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  • Claudell Devonderick Tahilla Jefferson Doolittle Waiteeng Onmee Chek.

    Lord, this could have been Furgistan, MO if the officer done shot the perp thug.

  • Claudell Devonderick Tahilla Jefferson Doolittle Waiteeng Onmee Chek.

    Keep making the black race proud you thugs!!!

  • LAC

    Did the story above give the race of the offender? Just curious, because here it seems we are so quick to judge, no different from the idiots looting in MO. I understand there is a high likelihood the offender is black but we should wait for facts

    • kip gambino

      Unfortunately LAC, it is a 95% chance the offender is black. Just because society thinks a lot of Blacks are ignorant and violent does not mean Blacks need to prove them right!

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