Spin Mop a Deal!

Diana Livengood has great hardwood floors. Those hardwood floors are in a beautiful new home in Guntersville.

Her home is immaculate.

She also wanted to know about the Spin Mop, and was eager to test it for us. Diane was eager to see how the Spin Mop did on her hardwood floors.

Spin Mop

Spin Mop

It cost $39.99.

The premise is fairly simple.

It’s a mop setup.   It comes with a bucket that holds the water.   Then there is a smaller container that sits inside the bucket over the water.

Inside that smaller container is a spinning apparatus.

The “spin mop” is easily assembled. On the bottom are sets of grooves that hold the mop in place.

Once you soak the mop, you then put it in the smaller container. The grooves lock the mop in place.

There is a foot pedal you depress which makes the mop spin. The spinning forces the moisture from the mop.

Diane loved it. She thought it was fantastic!   It cleaned her beautiful hardwood floors and did it without an excess of water.

Diane eagerly, and energetically, made the Spin Mop a “Deal.”

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