Iraq Update: France sending weapons; Australia considering options

Image: MGN Online

Image: MGN Online

(WHNT) – The ongoing crisis in Iraq is starting to prompt a response from the international community.

France’s president says his country reached an agreement with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad to send weapons to Kurdish forces battling the militant group ISIS.  French leaders say the move is in response to an “urgent need.” President Francois Hollande says those weapons should arrive “in the coming hours.”

Australia’s prime minister is considering sending combat forces and military transport aircraft to Iraq.  Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the resources would be used to deliver humanitarian aid to refugees stranded on the mountains of northern Iraq.

The developments in France and Australia come as the United States has sent 130 more troops to Iraq.  Pentagon officials say these are not combat forces.  Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says the troops are “assessors” who will help determine the magnitude of the crisis in Iraq.

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