New Town Madison Development Set to Break Ground, Neighbors Concerned

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - With developer Louis Breland set to begin construction on the 700-acre Town Madison Cooperative District Tuesday, local residents worry about their new neighbor.

"The longer he tries to leave us in the dark, the more worried we become," said Mountain Brook resident Jon Pierce.

Mountain Brook is one of the handful of subdivisions along Zierdt Road that could be impacted by the development that will run south of I-565 from Zierdt to Wall Triana.

Pierce went before Madison City Council Monday night urging council members to protect the privacy of his neighborhood.

"We want there to be some kind of physical barrier between this concrete monster that's going to appear and our homes," said Pierce.

The majority of the site falls within the district of Madison City Councilman D.J. Klein.

"We plan on working really close with them to make sure that they're taken care of and that the development goes as well as planned to get the best of both worlds," said Klein.

The first phase of construction is expected to take place on the 100 acres located at the corner of Zierdt Road and I-565.

Site plans have yet to be made public, but Klein says they should be submitted to the city within the next 60 days.

Once the plans are turned in, they will then be discusses with the nearby homeowners.

"We're just asking, let us be good neighbors, we want you to be a good neighbor and just, let's just work this out," said Pierce.

Governor Robert Bentley is scheduled to attend Tuesday morning's groundbreaking for the development.

It is scheduled for 10:00 a.m.



  • Nuclear Mike

    Mountain Brook Neighbors…y’all are about to discover just how powerless your voices are unless you vote all the political incumbents out of office…inside BIG moneyed commercial retail developers coupled with politicians makes for unhappy residential neighbors just as the new WalMart Super Store deal off of Governors did for ALL the surrounding neighborhoods did in Huntsville. The future resale value of your property for will suffer while the City will raise your property taxes now too.

  • Wise up

    The city of Madison is going to do what ever wants. From top to bottom the entire city operates the same way. Voicing your concerns will not help you. Their minds were made up from the beginning.

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