Cause of deadly wreck still unknown; family members demand information

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Nearly 10 months have passed since two young men were killed when another car smashed into them head-on along Martin Road.

Now the families are demanding some answers from investigators in charge of the case.

Dezmond Dennis, 20, was a passenger in a car driven by his friend, Andres Gentry, 22 when the two were hit by another car in the early morning hours of October 25, 2013.

Amy Dennis raised Dezmond as a single parent and says the last 10 months have been very difficult, something made even harder because answers to what happened in the crash have been hard to come by.

"It shouldn't take so long," Amy Dennis said.  "On this side, as family members, it hurts us for it not to be getting solved, for somebody not doing something or telling us something about what is going on."

According to initial reports from police the driver of the other car in the crash was Michael Deon Draper. He is not charged with a crime at this time. Toxicology tests are back in investigators hands, but those results have not been released despite numerous attempts by the victims' families.

Police say Draper has said he saw an animal run into the road and swerved to miss it, then hit the other car head-on.  Draper was eastbound on Martin Road and Gentry’s car was westbound.

The Madison County District Attorney assigned to the case says she cannot do anything until police file charges in the case and that had not happened as of Friday evening.


  • Laura Boley

    It is a shame they are not locking this guy up, maybe he has relatives on the force or he is paying them to make it go away. What ever the case it won’t prosper. He is a murderer and he will pay.

  • victoria

    Andres is my brother and justice needs to be served. I miss him and Dezmond so much and it’s not fair to my baby sisters and our family to have to go through this.

  • lisa


  • Terry

    My heart goes out to both of these families. I cannot imagine losing one of my children, and it has to be especially hard knowing how avoidable this accident could have been. But just knowing no-one has been “blamed” or been held accountable is like pouring salt in the still open wounds. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live life knowing this was done out of pure stupidity. Drinking and driving is murder.

  • Concerned

    First off, understand that Michael has stated he swerved because of an animal that ran on the road. People let me tell you, accidents happen everyday that take a love one away. Calling Michael a drunk… Really??? If he was drunk at the time of the accident, don’t you think he would been charged by now? This truly was an accident. Maybe the information revealed in the toxicology report will prove who the Drunk one really was at the time of the accident. That’s probably why he hasnt been charged with a crime. Innocent until proven guilty and the proof of him being drunk will surprise all of you. I see a ” ConArtist” somewhere in this story, but if you think my cousin has money, your in for another surprise. Yes, we have googled your background also, you know who you are!!

    • Concerned and praying the police get this drunk off the roads

      Thats right! It is very sick when you you defend a murderer. Sign him up for rehab say your sorry something!! but no they defend , I have i thought how about you do a intervention and get this drunk off the road so he doesn’t murder anyone else.

    • T.

      Let me say, I was at the hospital with the family, standing in front of the officer from the scene, when he said, ” your son was killed by a DRUNK DRIVER” He further said the Mr. Draper ADMITTED to being intoxicated…
      But all in all the point of this storu , is that Mr. Draper is allowed to go home every night to his family, they can hug him & kiss him… We can not see our loved ones again here on earth… Justice needs to be played out & the police need to do their job.. We have waited patiently & now its time for them to go to work… Charge & arrest him before he does this to another undeserving family!! He’s already on probation.. Has no reason to drink & drive!!

    • Sadden

      Concerned it seems like you are being concern when you should not be.. The family don’t need your kind of concern. Calling people con-artist and talking about the family looking for money. That’s wrong. Don’t take shots at the family because of their past because firing shots at one another could go on for eternity. Dez or Drez would not want this to turn into war with the families. Neither would Draper. Some things you should not just say. All three families/friends are still hurting and grieving from this. Don’t make it worst on them. We all know that Draper don’t have no money because if he did he wouldn’t be working where he is working. Its easy for someone to try and claim the fame of another family member. Just to impress other people . ( Shots not intended just keeping it real) Now if he was drunk, I think the family is just looking for justice because he was the one that swerved and if that’s the case he needs to be held accountable for his actions. If I could take all this back for the families God knows I would because I know that Draper did not intend for this to happen and Dez and Drez did not deserve to go so soon. Lets just keep it all clean and know that if you have not lost a love one in this way you really can’t speak on it. My heart go out to everyone. R.I.P Dez and Drez.

  • Ebonee Horn

    To “Concerned”: No one is looking for money. Money will not bring my cousin back to his mother & father. You say you’ve looked them up huh??? Obviously you haven’t. They don’t need nor do they want any money from this man. The toxicology report would be released if there wasn’t anything to hide. All they want is for an irresponsible individual to pay for a mistake he made. If the shoe was on the other foot this case would be completely different. We will get justice. God bless you & your family.

    • Concerned

      I can tell by your name, your one of those people!!! If there was proof in the report, then this story wouldn’t be on air, because you would feel like justice was being served and yes we have googled very well. You people think as soon as charges are filed… oh let’s pursue to see what Michael has!!! Your in for a rude awakening, and to Laura… No we do not know anyone on the Police Force, nor is he “paying” them. Notice Ebonee, I wasn’t the first to speak of money. Good day sweetie. I have said all I have to say.

      • Ebonee Horn

        You can tell by my name that I am one of “those people”?? What kind if people might that be??? Imagine if this were your child, your mother, your father, your husband. And you ARE the person who brought up money. Why must you speak ill of the deceased?? How disrespectful. I won’t insult you as you have done me because I am one of those people who are far to educated and Godfearing for that. I think you are in denial and blinded by emotions. Apparently, you’re a family member to Mr. Draper and I hope you can be one of those people to encourage him to change his ways because the next time he drunkardly swerves to avoid an animal he may not be so lucky cause injury/death to someone else but to himself as well.

    • Concerned

      As of October 29,2013 I believe it was reported toxicology report were PENDING on Gentry also. Any results yet?


    To concerned, if you really think this about money you are seriously missing the point. Two young men are dead! Michael is still here and still drunk and still driving. He was already on an open DUI case when this happened and it wasn’t his first one. It won’t be long before he does it again. What animal will run in front him this time? Drunks always have their story together. He’s rehearsed that many times. Why did it take more than two years for him be out on that DUI? If HPD and Madison County DA had done their job these kids would be alive. Draper deserves to be punished. Huntsville Law Enforcement..DO YOUR JOB! PUT HIM AWAY BEFORE ANOTHER FAMILY SUFFERS FROM HIS “ACCIDENT”!

  • Concerned and praying the police get this drunk off the roads

    Accident doesn’t mean Get drunk and run head on into someones else lane and rip life away from people. Please EVERYONE go to jail view madison county and look up Michael Deon Draper was ALL his other charges a accident too???? When he kills someone else will that be a accident too?. A DRUNK is someone who continues over and over again charge after charge and still is you guessed it DRUNK.. No remorse . Not SORRY for taking life no remorse.

  • concerned too!

    It’s a shame that people will sit and defend this man. Let him get drunk and run you over and see if the same feelings are there. Oh you won’t be able to feel anything because you’ll be dead also. If these were your children, you would understand. Instead of defending someone who obviously has a problem . Sick family. You all keep praising him for the wrong that he is doing. He is not a child. And needs to pay for his irresponsible actions

    • Concerned

      I’m not defending anyone, but the LAW states innocent until proven guilty. Top that off, he’s not even charged with a crime. Regardless of how you look at his past, if he is such a Drunk, surely Huntsville police would be quicken to press some kind of charges just to get him off the streets!! Hymmm. Good night

      • Concerned and praying the police get this drunk off the roads

        Hmmmmmmmm! The whole point of this article is to GET HPD to do their job so that DRUNK MURDERS won’t kill anyone else children! AGAIN NO REMORSE! SICK SICK SICK! May God have mercy on you!

      • Also concerned ..

        He is rather guilty. Just go to any of his watering holes and watch him. Everyone knows this. And you know it too. Sooner or later it Will catch up. HPD and Madison County will get tired of dealing with him at some point. They may even at some point care about these families and if they do, draper the drunk will see his coming. Let’s not forget that with everything posted here the bottom line is two boys are dead. Its on you Authorities. What are you going to do.

  • Drinking and Driving REALLY?

    To many people know Michael ! He is referred to as Draper the drunk. Sad that his addiction has caused this terrible event. What is more sad is this family is still suffering while he is still out publicly drinking and partying.


    Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Do it now. He has had nearly a year to be out and drinking more. That means more chances to murder. Who is next?

  • David

    Why is it taking so long? Phillip Lutzenkirchen was not even driving, and his results showing he was drunk have been publicized all over the local and national media! Something stinks here.

  • Jakoli

    Smh! To pull up to a scene with my kids in the car & they see the car they are use to riding in all mashed up & no dres kills me daily. The detective told me “this will be under investigation due to alcohol being involved” but no answers yet ….defending a man who killed to young men that meant the world to me my kids their families and so many friends across the states is unacceptable. Put this man behind bars ! Still out walking free what happens when he do it again ? Get our boys justice ! I love you Andres & I’m so sorry this happened to you and dez . It’s just horrible but we will fight for yal

  • lisa

    When tragedy strikes its hard , this is different. It did not have to happen. If HPD would have done their job and locked up the multiple drunk driving OFFENDER . Our Boys will still be here. DONT WORRY DRES AND DEZ WE WILL FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR YOU TIL THE END! And for the potential victims to come if this dangerous individual doesn’t get off the streets. I have a question for HPD how do you admit to officers that your drunk and you are visibly drunk but you walk out of the hospital like you didn’t murder two young men that had everything going for them. I promise no one else would have done it. Where is the JUSTICE!! WE WILL GET JUSTICE

  • Justice

    “Concerned “are you denying the fact he’s already had a past with DUIs ?? He’s a drunk accept it just like this family had to dealing with their loss . If toxicology reports show fault hope he’s punished to the max !

  • T.

    I’m with Lisa, he shouldn’t have been allowed to walk out of the hospital free! He was and still is on probation… It isn’t about money its about justice.. Vehicular Homicide… He willingly drove a car under the influence of at least alcohol.. He should be held accountable for his actions!!!


    Please don’t allow this to happen to anyone else . Do your job and get this offender off the road . He already has history and multiple dui charges.

  • J

    wo what a messed up situation….if he was drunk and trust me they knew before he left the hospital than by all means he needs to be locked up. Investigations don’t take a year trust me when I had my wreck i was told they knew the first night i was at Huntsville hospital that I wasn’t drinking, I don’t take drugs, and even called ATT for phone records because all these idiots now days want to blame speed or texting on wrecks…HPD evidently more worried about their body cameras they desperately need or how many illegal things they can do before they get caught and/or fired. God bless this family and if it was my kid he drunkedly murdered he wouldn’t be waiting on investigations because I would personally follow him to his water hole and beat the heck out of him.

  • Ryan Gibson

    Its not right that we had to bury my brothers!! We have to leave wit this everyday that we wont see them again, not waking up to em everyday, no more family activities!! I wasnt blood but Drez&Dez family took me in as their own and I miss them dearly!!! HPD clearly told us at the hospital on that morning that charges would be filed March no later than April and draper still out drinking and getting behind the wheel of car!!! It really bothers me!!! I love yall Drez&Dez and we will fight for you both!!!

  • T.

    What type of message is this sending to all the guys that graduated with Dez & Dres?? Its okay to drink & drive & even murder someone when u get caught doing it.. BC all u will get is a slap on the wrist from HPD…

  • Jeremy Smith

    Clearly this is a mess.

    Please…someone either release the tox report or put these families in a position to let their loved ones rest in peace.

    If you screwed up the report.. At least admit it..if not.. LET THE TRUTH SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!

    God rest their souls and God bless the friends and families.

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