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UPDATE: Alabama A&M employee dies in Thursday’s wreck on I-565

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A longtime employee of Alabama A&M University died from injuries she sustained in a wreck Thursday morning on Interstate 565.

The wreck happened near Madison Boulevard and tied up morning rush hour traffic.

Cheryl Witt (Photo issued by Alabama A&M University)

Cheryl Witt (Photo issued by Alabama A&M University)

Cheryl Witt died late Thursday.  AAMU President Dr. Andrew Hugine issued this statement:

“Alabama A&M University is deeply saddened by the death of Ms. Cheryl Witt. Ms. Witt was a dedicated employee of more than 30 years in the Comptroller’s Office of the Division of Business and Finance at the University. She had a very pleasing personality and was very committed to providing excellent services to our students. She was well-respected and liked by her colleagues and will certainly be missed by the Alabama A&M University family. During this difficult time, the University is offering counseling services to all faculty, staff and students that would like additional support in dealing with this tremendous loss. Please continue to keep the Witt family, her friends and colleagues in your prayers.”

Huntsville Police say a vehicle was headed eastbound on I-565 when the driver lost control and crossed the grass median, hitting a vehicle travelling westbound.  The driver who was headed westbound suffered life-threatening injuries.

Huntsville Police have not released further details about the crash.


  • CMM

    Please read this article. It appears the car traveling East was struck by the car that was traveling West. The East Bound traffic was closed not the West Bound. Please verify the story.

  • colin

    bad reporting, east bound was shut down do to west bound car losing control and collied with east bound car killing the driver.

  • colin

    Copy and pasted the story from 31 & 48 huh? come on man the evidence can be clealy seen on both east and west bound sides..

  • Claire Aiello

    Guys, the information about the direction the cars were going, when they collided, is straight from Huntsville Police. I was not there myself, I’ll be completely honest. That was information they issued in a news release after the fact. We were not able to send a crew to this particular wreck but we wanted to provide the information for drivers stuck in the traffic on their way to work.

    Another thing, it is very difficult to get specific information about a wreck after investigators have left the scene.

    As far as the comment about the driver dying, we will check on that information today.

  • Lotus

    Who cares which driver was heading which way? This was a horrific accident that took the life of this woman! My heart is with her family.

    • LAC

      Yeah I agree. Don’t see why it matters but I was there so I wanted to set the record straight so people will quit arguing about something so petty.

  • Nuclear Mike

    What a shame for her losing her life…both my parents were horribly disabled from the same type of car accident of a vehicle crossing the divided highway median and striking another them head-on.
    Yes, Ch19 has incorrectly report now on many accidents & deaths due to their lack of on-the-scene-face-to-face information gathering. Ch19 is just processing others’ information sent to them off the internet & e-sources…hence, all the errors and additional grief for those who suffered so.

    • Huntsville

      Mike, you constantly have something negative to say about Channel 19 all the … time. I assumed 19 was your favorite , because you literally comment on every story with negativeness. Get a life and a life was lost this morning and your only concern is where 19 obtained their information. Your sad Mike!!! Praying for the family in the loss of their love one.

      • Nuclear Mike

        Thank you for your concern, but there is no need.

        Perhaps you require a lesson as to the purpose of the internet, tv, radio and cable as to the FCC regulations regarding the responsibility of ALL broadcasters to report factually in their programming…the Public is charged specifically to provide feedback directly to the radio/tv/cable provider and to the FCC.

        There is no “like or dislike”, there is only legally required professionalism of the broadcasters regardless. There are NO favorites in broadcasting, CH19 is a just business collecting advertisement $dollars$ for programming for profit making…that is why the FCC is required by the Federal Government to closely regulate the businesses that are granted broadcast licenses.

    • Terry Le Dactyl

      The correct details are “absolutely relevant” to Ms. Witt’s family and friends.
      People will wonder, “Did the driver who crossed the median have a health emergency?” “Was it our Ms. Witt who crossed the median?”.

      Ms. Witt was heading east to work and sadly…was hit by a westbound car who had crossed the medium.
      Ms. Witt’s home is off Wall Triana and she traveled daily east to A&M.
      The eastbound lanes were closed from the accident, not the west.

      The news wire and stations need to update…BTW…some already have.
      And yes…it is relevant.

  • Edward

    I feel for her family, friends, and co-workers. So far none of the news groups have listed information concerning the other driver or additional details about the accident. Awful accident and curious about the cause.

  • KD

    Ms Whitt was a longtime family friend and considered a relative. We are devasted by the news and pray for her immediate family and friends to see them through such a horrible time as this! This could have happened to many of us that commute daily to work!

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