Taking action to find owner of lost veteran pin

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Nearly 20 recipients of the Purple Heart gathered at the Huntsville-Madison County Veterans Memorial Park Thursday morning for a re-dedication of their monument. All left with hearts warmed, but one veteran left something behind on accident.

We decided to take action to find the rightful owner of a military pin.

Somewhere amid all the pomp and circumstance of Thursday morning’s ceremony, a veteran lost something you just can’t replace or earn again.

“It means a lot to somebody,” says Dean Anderson who called our newsroom Thursday afternoon looking for help.

‘It’  is a U.S. Army 11th Airborne Parachute Infantry Regimen lapel pin. Someone handed it to Dean Anderson after finding on the ground near the veteran’s memorial. He wants to help find the owner.

“I plan on giving it to our chapter president but I figured if we put it out to you people because you do such a wonderful job to start with, that it may happen faster.”

Of course we’re just a vessel. The pin’s reunion with its rightful owner now depends on you.

“This is a part of someone’s life,” Anderson says.

If you recognize the pin or know who it belongs to, email us at news.department@whnt.com or call officer Jason Carter (jason.carter@yms-hsv.com) with the 2201 Chapter of the Military Order of Purple Hearts at 256-479-1238.