Manna House gets mega-delivery of pet food and shares with rescue groups

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Staff and volunteers of Manna House in Huntsville are giggling with excitement and disbelief over a shipment and a check they received this week.

They couldn’t help but share the suprising good fortune with animal rescue groups all over North Alabama.

The warehouse at Manna House is jam-packed with a shipment that caught everyone by surprise.

“An impressive amount of pet food,” laughed John Cieniewicz, Store Manager at Jones Valley Petsmart.

Manna House director Fran Fluhler was still giggling too. “It’s super exciting.”

Fluhler said she worked late Wednesday night unpacking and sharing— “A tractor-trailer rig packed and double-stacked full of food to feed animals in our community,” she said.

The shipment that came in Wednesday morning contained 40,000 pounds of Eagle Pack Pet food for puppies, dogs, elderly dogs and cats. It’s owned by Wellpet, a pet food manufacturer in Indiana.

“Everything was dried, so it’s really great to be able to give out. It’s a great brand.. high-quality brand,” said Fluhler.

She said it came after a man found help from Manna House, got back on his feet, and then returned the favor through a business connection to Wellpet.

Manna House caters to people who are in crisis including many seniors who would go without to give to their furry companions.

“We try to love on an elderly person and make sure they’ve got food to eat and they’re not giving up their food to feed a little puppy or kitty that’s the only thing they have left,” Fluhler said tearfully.

But the shipping costs were not donated and that’s when another unexpected delivery came.

With a huge check in his hands, Cieniewicz said, “We’re going to present Manna House a $2,500 grant.”

It will cover the freight charges for this shipment and maybe two more.

“It’s great.. it’s God,” said Fluhler with more tears in her eyes.

Volunteers distribute food every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, starting at 4p until 6:30p.

Manna House expects to receive two more shipments, bringing the total to 120,000 pounds of pet food donated from Eagle Pack Pet Food.

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  • mamac

    oh my goodness!!! A big big big thank you goes out to all involved…It’s a win win…Thank you everyone and for everyone working hard at this to get the food distributed….Thank you and thank you Sweet Jesus…

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