VIDEO added: Likely microburst causes damage in Albertville, Main Street Music Festival still on

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. - Strong winds and rain blew through part of Marshall County on Thursday evening, leaving a wake of damage in their path.  The damage is likely from a microburst.

PLEASE NOTE: The Main Street Music Festival is still on – it starts Friday at 4 p.m. and continues through Saturday.  See the schedule.

Crews worked through the night and continue to make progress all day Friday, clearing downed trees and repairing power lines in several areas in Albertville.  Some areas of note:

-Several trees down along Highway 75 headed toward DeKalb County.
-Some damage along Highway 431 south, toward Boaz
-Damage along Baltimore Avenue

No injuries were reported from the storm.

Diane Haney is a resident at Willow Creek Apartments. "I've been through a lot of tornadoes and many, many storms, but this was the most scary thing we have ever been through," she says of Thursday's storms.

When she stepped out of her door, she was met with trees and limbs scattering the lawn of the complex, ripped in two by the wind.

Albertville Assistant Chief Jamie Smith says that is indicative of most of the city. "We had trees down, we did have one concentrated area of damage just north of town on Highway 75."

A fallen tree impacted an intersection on Baltimore Avenue, stopping traffic completely Thursday evening. However, Friday afternoon, the only evidence of that was the cut branches on the side of the road. "All the roads to my knowledge are pretty much open, there may be a tree limb here, or partial blockage or two in a place scattered around," Major Smith says.

He says this storm could have been a lot worse. "We got lucky. To my knowledge there's not been any injuries reported, if there was, it was only minor."

Major Smith says they had to call in more officers to help with the damages. Other responders from all over the city aided in the efforts as well.

He says the goal was to get the damages under control as fast as possible, to be ready in time for the thousands coming to the music festival Friday and Saturday.

Major Smith says they don't expect any damages from the storm to have an impact on the festival, and it will go on as usual.

As for Haney, she's okay and so is her home, but the storm's quick strike isn't something she wants to go through again. "I just got in the corner and prayed," she says.

Power outages

Elden Chumley, manager of the Albertville Municipal Utilities Board, said at the peak of the outage Thursday night, about one-third of the system was down, between 3,000 and 5,000 customers.  As of 11 a.m. Friday that number was down to about 100.  Crews were still working in various spots around town throughout the day, including Highway 431 south, toward Boaz, and along Baltimore Avenue and Dixie Circle.

Customers who have questions about specific outages can call Albertville M.U.B. at (256) 878-3761.

More damage reports

The Foodland on Sand Mountain Drive also had significant roof damage.  Some parts of Marshall County received over three inches of rain from the microburst.

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  • Rachel

    There was also lots of damage on highway 168 in Boaz. I drove through it and had to pull over. The wind was rocking my suv and there were trees down, a barn was blown to pieces, and there was debris in the air.

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