Decatur is Getting Back to “Red Raider Football”

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Decatur, Ala. - (WHNT) Traditionally, teams coached by Jere Adcock run the football and play defense. Having said that, coach Adcock expects nothing less from the 2014 group of Red Raiders. After losing in the first round of the playoffs last November, this Decatur team is getting back to Red Raider football.

"We got to get back to running the football better. We did not run the football well last year, we were young up front. Didn't do that real well so we want to get back to doing Red Raider football"

His players agree, and say they've bought back in to this program this off-season. The athletes are there and after a long few months of training, the mentality seems to be there too. "We play fast we play tough, you ask anyone about the Decatur Red Raiders and they'll tell you we play hard and tough," Linebacker Quintin Dupper said during his team's second practice of training camp. " He added, "that's how we've always been and that's how we plan on being this year."

Decatur opens it's 2014 campaign at Ogle Stadium against Homewood on August 22nd.