5-year-old “apparently” steals the show during interview at county fair

Five-year-old Noah Ritter stole the show recently when a reporter asked him how he liked one of the rides at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania.

Kids sometimes give ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers when you interview them.  Not Noah.  WNEP-TV’s reporter had a great time talking with him.

Noah likes big words, too, including “apparently.”

Noah is looking forward to kindergarten this fall and said he doesn’t want to be a reporter when he grows up — he’d rather be a paleontologist.


  • Ron Strowd

    Why does this story have “Huntsville” in the upper left hand corner, when it takes place in Pennsylvania?

    • Claire Aiello

      Ron, you’re right.. it shouldn’t have ‘Huntsville’ on it. I changed it to general ‘News.’ I clicked Huntsville by accident. Thanks for the heads up and thank you for using WHNT.com.

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