Jackson Co. boy hit by minivan ‘touched many’

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — An 11-year-old boy is being remembered by his family and friends.

“He never met anyone who didn’t love him,” Kristie Daniel is talking about her son, Joshua.”His smile, his spirit, his energy touched so many,” she says.

People knew the 11-year-old as a bright, cheerful and loving boy. He is the youngest of Daniel’s seven children.

“The day this happened, my son decided to take out the trash without being asked so Mama would be proud of him,” Daniel says.

She’s talking about Saturday. Joshua was hit by a minivan while crossing Highway 72 near Woodville with his bike.

Joshua didn’t have to cross the highway to do that, and his mother says he’s not allowed to by himself. She says for some reason though, he did that day.

His mother says it’s not unusual for Joshua and his brother to be out and about around their home – they live on several acres. “I was out on the front porch looking for him. I didn’t even know he had left the yard, because he was trying to do a good deed,” Daniel says, “I had someone come get me, and tell me ‘your little one has been hit’.”

There’s aren’t words to describe this. There are words though, to describe what kind of boy Joshua was. In fact, there’s many of them, and those descriptions are what the family will always remember. “His heart was bigger than his entire body,” Daniel says, “The world has lost something great.”

His family didn’t want us to publicize photographs of Joshua, so we are respecting their wishes.


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