Update: Boy on bike hit by minivan in Jackson County dies

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Alabama State Tropers are investigating an accident where a child on a bike was hit by a vehicle and hurt. (Photo from WHNT's Laura Christmas.)

WOODVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- An 11-year-old boy hit by a minivan while riding his bicycle Saturday afternoon has died.

State Troopers report Joshua Daniel of Woodville was killed when he pulled out into the path of a Dodge Caravan.

Family members reached out to WHNT News 19 to share the tragic news.  Troopers reported the boy’s age as 12, but family members say he was 11.

The accident happened on Highway 72 in Jackson County between Woodville and Scottsboro around 3 p.m. Saturday.

Alabama State Troopers are investigating the crash.


  • Michael

    I’m all for sharing the road for cyclists, but please keep the children off the highways. Hope the child makes it.

  • Nuclear Mike

    And the Law of Physics applies itself to a this time to a child on a bicycle …let us hope “he or she” is not seriously injured riding a bicycle on a Alabama highway.

    • Anonomous

      Denya. The child was crossing the hwy not riding on it. He left his house without telling his mother to take out the trash without being asked to do so like the good boy that he was. He crossed the hwy to get a drink from the store. He was on his way home when the van hit him. Now before people jump to the conclusion that this child was allowed on the hwy, find out the truth.

    • Brittany daniel curtis

      Why dont you ask my mother. Kristie warren daniel is on facebook. Im sure you wouldnt enjoy being asked that if it were your child being cremated on monday! The other person that replied has got the right story, but regardless of how it happend, he died, so theres no need for your judgy questions! If you dont have anything nice and positive to say, dont comment!! We are having a hard enough time without negativity from strangers!

      • Lisa Drake

        Brittany, baby, people are calloused and judgmental. Focus on just getting here safe with your sweet family.

    • Lisa Drake

      My Sister, the mother of this child, asked him to take the garbage out. They live on a gravel road and the garbage bins are at the very end (which is adjacent to hwy. 72). He rode his bike to take the garbage to the bins and the family assumes, he decided to go to the store. (He did not get permission to go or tell any one he was going.) As eye witnesses saw, he was walking his bicycle across the highway (as he had been taught), not riding. He was also in the center area near the median when he was hit. There is no turning lane going west (direction the van was traveling) so how did a van hit him in the middle? Has anyone asked was it the driver’s fault? Were they on their cell phone, not paying attention & swerved and hit a boy? (Pedestrians always have the right of way.) Were they driving under the influence? Why is it the parents fault? (Run over a child with a car and automatically, where’s the parents?) What about a driver who hits a child so hard it makes them land 50 feet away from the bicycle. As we, the family, walk the accident scene, we wonder how he could not have been seen or how a west bound vehicle could hit him in the center area while he was standing on grass in the median? I know when I see people on the road, I automatically start slowing down and moving to the other side of the road. The truth of the matter is; it is TRAGIC. I will no longer see his sweet face, or receive hugs, or “I love you Aunt Lisa” anymore. My sister and brother-in-law are beyond pitiful, crippled with grief as is his brothers and sisters. But by all means, please keep confusing the issue and placing blame on a family that will never tell there child good-night again. God Bless all of you.

      • Melissa

        Very well said. Praying for your precious family. Just believe God puts us here for a set time to do his and his will was complete and God needed him back. Easier said when it’s someone else’s family I know. Love and prayers

      • Denya Wilkins

        Well said bob. Like i said earlier, where were the parents, and why did they teach the child to cross a hwy on a bike? Now they are blaming a driver of being under the influence or phone when obviously they werent or police would have charged. And pedestrians do not have the right of way on a hwy. It us sad for the child, but you have to take responsibility of not knowing what your child was doing. I have 2 teens, never do i not know where they are. Quit blaming the driver, it wasnt their fault. The child should have never been near the hwy period

      • Lisa

        Did you see the driver Denya? Where you there? It’s a wide open road you can see everything…and definitely a child on a bike IF you pay attention, drive speed limit and switch lanes away from anybody on a bike. It could have been an adult who’s to blame then? It was bright daylight!!!

      • Lisa Drake

        Are you saying that anyone on the highway is taking their lives in their own hands when crossing it? That the driver has zeros responsibility and the child got what he deserved for attempting to cross the road in the first place? NO ONE is blaming anyone, just trying to find out what happened so, in the future it will NOT happen again.

      • Alan

        My exact thoughts you can see 2 miles down the road and both sides are clear looks like someone just took it for granted the kids were going to stop.i believe it could have been avoided by both . don’t understand what took van so long to stop

      • Lisa Drake

        Again, no one was blaming the driver. Don’t kid yourself. If you are lucky enough for your children to grow to adulthood, they will tell you stories of what you don’t know and what they were doing when you thought they were doing something else. How many times have you duped your parents or done something you know you were not suppose to? If this is not the case is your circumstances, great, you have the most well behaved children; they are perfectly well behaved and never disobey. Proud for you. In our family, out children are human and not perfect.

      • DW

        Yes lisa, the family madr accusation, read the post. I feel sorry for their loss of course. But if it had been my child i would take full rresponsibility for it.

      • Lisa Drake

        Really, “shut my stupid mouth”? Your dog is in the race, why? I was defending my FAMILY with my freedom of speech rights. Also, I don’t think you read the whole post or you would have understood I was only stating that there are others factors at stake besides blaming the parents. God Bless You, Bob.

  • slab

    Im the one who called this little boys father to let him know.best wishs to the family.so sorry yall are going through this no one deserves too.and anyone that said something negative should be ashamed.remimber this could be any of us in this situation……..so sorry

    • Bob

      “Slab”? What a nickname for this story. You don’t call people on the phone for a death notification. That’s ignorant.

      • Alan

        Ditty for name it was auto correct name suppose to be alan .and Bob i didn’t tell him hew was passed away i told him your son was in a accident and what hospital to go too. and atleast i tried to help unlike so many that just drove right bye.your slamming whnt and you your selfspoke before knowing new the whole story.and what should i have done nothing

      • Lisa Drake

        Thank you from the family of the child. We appreciate you efforts and thank you from the bottom of hearts.

  • Nuclear Mike

    The boy and his Family & Friends deserve to have CH19 report the circumstances of his death in a accurate on-the-scene manner rather than reply upon word of mouth which causes more pain for such a horrible loss of young life.

    • Lisa Drake

      Thank you Nuclear Mike, it is painful to see such a tragedy relived on television and then not even report the correct facts. Such as, 1. he was NOT riding a bike, he was walking it across the highway, 2. he is not 6 or 7 but 11 and would of been 12 next month and 3. only the driver said he stepped in front of them, what are the eye witnesses saying? The child can’t dispute the driver and tell his side of the story.

  • Misty M.

    I think we can all agree that this is a terrible tragedy. I cannot imagine what this child’s family and loved ones must feel. I think the family should focus on healing and less on trying to defend this child or attack the driver. It’s not productive and it won’t bring him back. Praying for all involved.

  • Cricket

    When something like this happens everyone’s first instinct is to jump to conclusions and accusations. It is a horrible incident, and regardless of who is at fault, everyone associated with this is probably feeling guilt thinking “what could I have done to have prevented this from happening?” I pray for that little angels family because I can’t even imagine what they are going through and hope and pray that I never have to face what they are facing. And I pray for the driver of the van because, whether it was their fault or not, they will have to live with this for the rest of their life.

  • Country Boy

    I am afraid that Channel 19 has been and, apparently always will be, biased. They are an extension of the politics of Huntsville government. Instead of investigating and getting the facts PRIOR to poorly writing the material they simply throw something together so they can keep a constant barrage of what they consider to be newsworthy stories….constant competition with the other news outlets. Their writing is atrocious at the very least and most of the time is biased. They do not edit or proofread and certainly don’t redact anything they have already published. They think investigating potholes and poor drainage is most important to the majority while in reality they are catering to the rich and spoiled. WHNT, if you want to do something worthwhile, start a smear campaign against city planners and ALDOT for not providing that extra little bit of asphalt to give PEOPLE, not autos, room to move around and ride a bicycle safely! They report a stinkin’ overpass on South Parkway as if it is a good thing for everyone. It is only good for the leaders and the rich without taking into consideration the rest of us…why not put some pressure on these goofballs and fight for a SAFE way for people, either walking, running, or riding a bicycle, to cross that liability they call the Memorial Parkway! Provide bicycle lanes, a safe pedestrian bridge across the parkway, geez! Even a crosswalk! I understand now why they call it Memorial parkway due to the number of deaths and other serious accidents on something the city, with all their police bullies, can’t control! My heart breaks for the family of this young one….my sincere condolences! Camp out at City Leaders hangouts and residences and DEMAND change for every young one that simply wants to get to the other side of the street without dying! DON’T let his death be in vain!

  • mike

    Prayers for the FAMILY and Friends and Driver as well I Lost a few friends that way. be concerned about his friends and peers age group having any challenges with this..

    • Lisa Drake

      Absolutely, there are lots of people out there hurting right now and pointing fingers and blaming others is not dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy. Prayers, loving kindness, support of grief counseling and what ever your heart leads you to help minister to those around this tragedy is what should be the focus.

  • Justin Curtis

    As a brother-in-law to Joshua, I am super sad, it is still just unreal to me. I was in Mobile AL working at the time of the accident. When I got a phone call from my wife. The agonizing pain in her voice was to much for me to bare. Knowing there was nothing that I could do to help I cried for nearly 3 hours off and on trying not to think of it. Trying to get home to my wife so we could meet her parents and family, not knowing the whole story I was unaware of his life situation. I as a father of two can not imagine the horror in which my in-laws felt over there child. Joshua was a wonderful, bright and loving child that loved his family unconditionally . He was always so thankful for anything that someone gave him, even if it was nothing of value. He was so greatful, careing, strong and and outstanding will power. He loves everyone and would have loved the people that have nothing nice to say on these comments. You obviously have no idea what it is to loose a child, I know I don’t, but it has to be hard. I would assume more comfort comments for the family rather than ridiculous remarks coming from individuals that assume to be old enough to understand heart break. You may have a hardened heart from a relative passing away and just want everyone to suffer. If that is the situation, or any situation or maybe just pure childishness then I ask you to shut you damn mouths and have se respect. Not for me but for the ones that lost there son, there angel, there baby. YOU that comment with childish remarks have not yet been judged, but one day your time will come and I PRAY you are judged with no mercy as you comment with no mercy. As I finish, do not bother replying to my comment, you will only cause yourself misery. I do not back down and I will continue to walk forward, mowing the smirks off your faces as you laugh at the continuing pain you put this family in. You are selfish people lacking a heart for the hurt. Hateful with your incoherent babbling. You are not wanted here. Please remove yourself

  • Lisa

    We werejust coming back from a Zip line Trip and saw the bike, my son for som reason said, mom it was a boy my age that had the accident. It just happened. What shocked me is that my son was right…I don’t understand the street, the whole road is wide open. Nothing blocks the view, we drove past the van and saw the man and woman stand there, looking … The van was scratched up on the left side and the headlight was missing. The van must have been going fast very fast because it was far away from the accident and on the other side of the road, did they not stop? Did the police let them move their van? I didn’t see no burned rubber on the ground, did they not break? My heart hours out to the family…I can’t imagine the pain, May God give you strength.

  • Lisa Drake

    My post earlier was not to point blame on the driver but, to say “hey, lay-off the parents. There are other factors to consider.” Yes, it is going to be with the driver the rest of their lives. No, an arrest wasn’t made at the time, but there is an on going investigation, pulling cell records..ect. I want to believe it was a tragic accident and not blame anyone, because it will never bring our sweet boy back to us.

    • DW

      Lisa, I never once “blamed” the parents. When I commented it was regarding when the family said “the driver had to have been under the influence or on his phone”, attacking the driver whom was released because it was a tragic accident. They also said “the child was taught how to cross the highway on his bike” and “pedestrians have the right of way”. It was a seriously tragic accident. But saying all of that and putting it all on the driver was wrong. Its a highway, the speed limit is high speed, it would be hard for any vehicle to stop, pedestrians do not have the right of way on a highway. Attacking the driver was not the right thing to do. And a child certainly isn’t capable of determining the speed of vehicles or which way they are going, turning. There is no need to attack me, I never once said anyone was to blame, because it was an accident, period. I hope its a lesson to all parents that live by busy streets, especially highways, to make sure that children know exactly how dangerous it is not to go on them. A driver on a fast busy highway shouldn’t have to watch for children on them, it is extremely hard to stop at high speed, of course they were going fast, ,they were on a highway. I feel terrible for the family and the driver. But attacking the driver isn’t the way to handle it, its not the drivers fault a child was there. So you really need to stop putting words in peoples mouths, and there needs to be a responsibility accountability instead of putting it all on the driver. I pray the family has some peace in their tragedy.

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