Texas first grader forced to sit on floor as punishment

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HOUSTON, Tx. – A teacher has been reprimanded and concerned parents are demanding answers after a controversial punishment came to light.

CBS station KHOU reports after an incident where a first grade girl was punished for drawing on her desk, the girl was reportedly told that she wouldn’t get her desk back until 2nd grade.

She sat on the floor for more than four weeks until she finally told her parents.

“She lost her recess, she went to the principal’s office and then she had to wash the desk and that was it,” the first grader’s motherĀ told KHOU. “I was never told that her desk was removed.”

“I asked her why did you not tell me and she said I was too scared to tell you mama,” the mom told KHOU. “She thought what she had done was so bad she didn’t deserve to have a desk.”

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  • Kari

    This is something that most children do at one time or another no matter how much they’ve been preached to about not doing it. I’m all for punishment that is appropriate and for having the child wash the desk. I do not understand why desk can not be made to have the ability to wash off ink and magic markers marks in the first place so that school property can be maintained in like-new condition. This punishment went way overboard and the fact that the parent was only notified of three of the four punishments leads me to believe that the teacher deserved her punishment. I hope the punishment the teacher received is at least a month off without pay. Perhaps she would like to not have a chair or a desk for a month and have to sit on the floor. Oh no, that would be too humiliating to do that to a teacher. Newsflash: It’s too humiliating to do that to any child too!

  • Nuclear Mike

    These “coddled” children will never appreciate nor accept their proper place & role in Society among their own peers.

  • Michael

    So the girl sitting on the floor for four weeks is bad enough. But all this is AFTER she loses recess, sees the principal, and washes the desk? That should have been enough right there. Heck, I’d let her stay out of the principal’s office if she shined up the desks during her recess and called it even.

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