Lincoln Park, Mahogany Row to receive Housing Authority renovations

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Huntsville Housing Authority is shelling out nearly half a million dollars to update some public housing communities. It’s some home improvement residents say needs to be done. The HHA is gearing up to replace more than 1300 windows in Lincoln Park. The windows are set to be more energy efficient and better looking.

“There was some lead-based paint that’s being remediated, thats part of the scope of the services that will be given to that subdivision,” said Lindsay Pollard, public relations officer for the Huntsville Housing Authority. Each Lincoln Park window is supposed to be screened in, but many don’t have them, and need the change the new double-paned windows will bring.

“It’s stuff that they need to fix, I mean, they got to do their job…seriously,” said Thelma Davis. She has lived in Lincoln Park for just under a year and said she has had much disrepair in her home. With the windows, Davis says air leaks through them regularly, creating a difficulty in the face of harsh season change.

“There’s bugs coming through there too, so my daughter got bit by a spider, coming through the windows,” said Davis, whose daughter has a spider bite on her knee. The HHA is also investing in renovations at 9010 Mahogany Row, a fourplex set to become public housing.

“This project will be a bit more extensive because they will be doing interior and exterior work,” said Pollard. Everything from new siding to a new roof and paint job will go into the property the HHA acquired in February.

“It is our goal to make sure that our communties are up to code and standards and are meeting the regulations for HUD,” said Pollard. The HHA says workers will start replacing the Lincoln Park windows in August. It is expected to take 90 days.


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