THIS JUST IN: We find a teenager who reads books!

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There is a rumor that people still actually read books.

Books . With words written on paper. Books with pages you can turn.

The rumor books are extinct is a little premature.

Since books aren’t gone, and have not been vaporized in the e-heavens, let’s hold up an iced coffee, soft drink, or drink of choice to celebrate that.

With that fair amount of preaching we move on to Deal or Dud and how it is tied in with books.

There is a product called the Tiny Tim Booklight. It’s a typical book light that goes on a book, iPad, or laptop computer.

We gave the book light and a small video camera to 13-year-old Katherine. Katherine’s mom told us her teenage daughter is a voracious reader of real books. That is a sign that the apocalypse is not as close as we think. We found a teenager who spends times in books when she could have a smartphone in her face.

There is hope apparently for the world.

But I digress.

Katherine loved the Tiny Tim Booklight.  She thought it was a big help and made it a “Deal.”

(Thank you Katherine and Mom!)