Solution in the works for Big Spring Park’s sinkhole

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - We have an update about a sinkhole problem on the east side of Big Spring Park in Huntsville.  There's now a better timeline as to when you can expect the problem to be repaired.

Engineers have come up with proposals to fix the problem.   The city expects to solicit bids to do the work within the next few weeks.

A large chain link fence is currently around the sinkhole to keep people away.   City Administrator John Hamilton said engineers have been working on the solution.

"I expect it to go to contract within the next month or so, and hopefully by the end of September, you'll see the work going into control that flow of water," said Hamilton.

The completed project will have a new sidewalk and improved aesthetics for people who enjoy and use that part of Big Spring Park.


  • Nuclear Mike

    The whole of Big Spring Park is basically a BIG sink hole of underground springs & limestone cavities waiting to collapse. People recall the construction efforts in the area earlier to contain the problems with construction causing more springs & holes to appear…so they are “chasing their tail” when it comes to sinkholes downtown.

  • John Harchanko

    It looks more like a collapse of some old pipes than a sinkhole. It appears to me that several pipes and valves divert water around the waterfalls ostensibly to control how much water flows over the falls so as not to damage the structures there. The collapses all seem to line up with intakes and outflow from these pipes. I work downtown so I’ve had several opportunities to take a look prior to the fencing being erected.

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