Probe exposes flaws behind rollout

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By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – Officials tell The Associated Press that a nonpartisan investigative report concludes that management failures by the Obama administration set the stage for the computer problems that paralyzed the website last fall.

The Government Accountability Office – the investigative agency of Congress – will report Thursday on its months-long investigation.

GAO said the administration kept changing marching orders for contractors who built the computerized sign-up system, creating widespread confusion and leading to tens of millions of dollars in additional costs.

Republican and Democratic congressional aides briefed on the report say it faults the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for ineffective oversight.

CMS is the lead agency administering President Barack Obama’s health care law.

The aides spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the report ahead of its release.



  • mamac

    I know a man who got his insurance bill yesterday and it was SKY HIGH. And he is not sick but he couldn’t get a Straight answer from the insurance company. So, finally one of there reps at the insurance company said well sir, you want to know the truth it’s Obama Care.That is why your payments have gone way way way up…Congress YALL ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GET A BACKBONE AND HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THE ONES THAT PAY YOUR SALARY AND INSURANCE.

    • I also know a man!

      I know a man who had insurance a few years ago (before Obamacare) that was paying $750 a month. He had a lifetime cap of $500,000 and a yearly cap on $50,000. His plan would not cover his son, who was a cancer surviver from when he was five-years old (pre-existing condition).

      Today, that man has an Obamacare plan that he got off of the Federal Exchange Website. He did get kicked off the website a few times before he finally got signed up, but, he now has a plan that has no yearly or lifetime caps and covers his son even with his pre-existing condition. Also, when his son moves out on his own he will never have to worry about getting health insurance because of what happened to him when he was five-years old! He is paying $975 a month. When he includes the Federal subsidy, he is paying $400 a month out of his pocket. He is paying $350 less and getting a lot more coverage! His deductible is a little higher, but he feels the Obamacare plan is a real plan while his old one was not worth the paper it was printed on with all the exclusions and loopholes!

      Oh, and the man is a life long Republican!

      • What You Say?

        Hey thats pretty funny! I also know of several people who created false names and social security numbers, claimed legal residence, and submitted applications with incomes that were too high to qualify for subsidies.
        Guess what? 5 out of 6 ended up getting covered! Isn’t that wonderful?
        Make no mistake, let me be perfectly clear, etc etc, there will be no verification taking place! We need to boost numbers!

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